Bra Review - Hotmilk Temptation Full Cup Nursing Bra (MHFB929)

The design of nursing bras for D cup & up women has come along in leaps and bounds in recent years. The current trend for nursing bras is to be as similar as possible to an everyday bra while adding features like flexible wires to make them safe for pregnant and nursing women. The Hotmilk Temptation is a prime example of this trend as it looks like a comfortable, everyday, non-moulded bra but features nursing clips, a cotton-lined side sling, and ultra-soft but supportive flexible wires. We love offering this as an undaunting option to those trying maternity bras for the first time!

Sizes Available

10 - 16, D - J cups

Colours Available

  • Ongoing colours are Jet Black and Powder.
  • Seasonable fashion colours are also available.

Best Features

The beautiful lace of the cup is detailed but still appears smooth underneath clothing and gives a natural, rounded shape. The band material is thick and supportive to help it sit flush against the skin and prevent rolling while avoiding feelings of discomfort. The size range includes HH and J cups.

Flexiwires are considered safe to wear during pregnancy and breastfeeding, but get a fitting to ensure the wire does not sit on breast tissue.

What women love:

  • J hook makes it convertible, perfect for nursing or maternity.
  • Lace detail on the straps is a lovely detail usually only reserved for bralettes.
  • Good side support brings the bust forward to prevent feeling too wide.
  • Rounded shape.
  • Cotton-lined supportive side sling for optimum skin-on-skin contact without compromising support.
  •  Cotton-lined and seamless to prevent irritation.

What some women may dislike:

  • Short underwires will likely need a size up from regular fit, something to keep in mind with size fluctuations.
  • The top fabric includes little stretch, causing potential puckering if the cup is too big or you've lost fullness at the top of the bust.
Percentage of women this bra will work on 75%

Overall score 8/10

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