Bra Review - Panache Ana Plunge Bra

The Panache Ana Plunge Bra is one of those bras providing amazing support right up to a J cup and looks incredibly sexy while doing it! This is one of the most fashion forward and wearable bras for the modern woman. Not a hint of frumpiness is detected in this gorgeous lace style!

The Panache Ana utilises a strong underwire and supporting frame to lift the bust. The narrower straps and band are therefore able to appear dainty while being supported by this structure. The cup has firm side support with the breasts held in with a power-mesh side-sling. The firm hold from underneath and to the outer sides of the cup is countered with very soft, stretchy lace down the centre of the plunging cup. This plunging neckline holds the breasts in place by containing most of the fullness within the lace panel. As this cup is a more revealing style, those with very full breasts will find the Panache Ana creates a lovely, full cleavage effect. Those with less full breasts will be contained within the stretch lace without the cup puckering over soft breast tissue. The stretch lace will move with the body and fluctuate with the breasts during periods of growth and reduction.

The Panache Ana is a practical style under most outfits, as the straps are narrower and the cup has less coverage than many bras made for fuller busted women. As the cup size increases, the strap thickness also increases marginally with additional padding added to the straps of H to J cup bras. However, through the entire range of sizes, the strap continues to stay simple and minimalistic to ensure the bra’s versatility. The low plunging shape of the wires help to navigate the centre gore digging in, as it sits below the sternum in most cases. This is especially helpful for slim women and those who struggle with protruding ribs or sternum.

The plunging neckline is most suited to those with firm breast tissue and those with wide-set breasts. Very soft breast tissue and narrower set breasts may have a tendency to spill out of the cup as there is less fabric in the centre to hold them in safely.

The shape the Panache Ana gives under clothes is a moderate one. The side support brings the bust in from the side, the lower panels of the cup lift the bust from underneath and the stretch lace panel helps keep the bust in place in the cup. The overall resulting shape is streamlined and rounded for the best of both worlds. 

Size Range:

6-16 D-J

Colours Available:

Black and Vintage Pink ongoing. Fashion colours available each season.

Women love:

  • Beautiful stretch lace cup
  • Narrow straps with additional padding in larger cups
  • Side support
  • Strong underwires
  • Less cup coverage ensuring the wearer is not engulfed by the bra
  • Sexy everyday bra for perfect transition from day to night
  • Plunging wire shape is less likely to dig into the sternum
  • Moderate rounded shape under clothes

Some women may dislike:

  • Strong steel wires may feel harder against the ribs
  • Plunging neckline is not suited to all breast shapes
  • Not specifically minimising or narrowing in shape
Percentage of women this bra will work on 75%

This bra suits a range of shapes and demographics as the lace cup can stretch to mould to most breast shapes. It also has a great scope of cup sizes, however, the band size stops at a 16 and therefore is unsuited to women above this size.

Total score


Ana is about as close as you can get to perfect for a plunge bra; the thin straps and low neckline make it compatible with most everyday outfits, and the comfort and fit are just superb - we can't recommend this one highly enough!

Have you tried the Panache Ana Plunge Bra? Let us know what you think and help other women find their new favourite bra!

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