Bra solutions for short, curvy women

Our bodies are so varied, everyone is shaped uniquely. Bigger-busted women can face common challenges when bra shopping, but there are some beautiful bras designed especially to cater to D cup & up women. If you are curvy and short, you may be familiar with the below bra fitting challenges:

  • The underwires may dig into your underarms. In the long-run, this can cause chaffing, discomfort and will be a bra that you want to throw off the minute you arrive home.
  • Straps that are not fully-adjustable tend to sit too far down your shoulders, ready to slip off.
  • The wires in the cups sit too far behind your breast tissue, covering all of your breast tissue and a whole lot of extra skin.

If any (or all) of these sound familiar and you're sick of ripping your bra off as soon as you get home, rest assured there are options for you! You just need to know what's on offer.

Bras For Short Women With Curvy Figures

Elomi Amelia Bandless Moulded Bra This bandless bra by Elomi sits lower under the arms, allowing a fuller-busted woman to have all her breast tissue covered without wires digging into the underarms.


Elomi Amelia also has seamless spacer fabric which traps a layer of air for a beautifully rounded shape without adding volume. It's perfect as a t-shirt bra. Available in nude, black in the below size ranges, with seasonal fashion colours available whilst stocks last:

AUS 12 (UK 34) G-HH cups
AUS 14-18 (UK 36-40) DD-HH cups
AUS 20 (UK 42) DD-H cups
AUS 22 (UK 44) DD-GG cups

Freya Deco Amore This style is based on Freya's best-selling Deco moulded plunge bra. If your size isn't available in the Freya Deco Amore, not to worry... there are more seasonal styles in the Deco family! With fully adjustable straps, it's perfect for a woman with a shorter torso as it allows you to tighten them even further. Make sure you don't tighten them too far past your shoulder bone so you don't rely too much on the straps for lift, the band must be firm.


The Deco Amore is crafted from velvet-look marl that hugs low around the rib cage, anchoring the cups to your torso. This offers a natural rounded shape without overspill. Also sitting low under the arms, there's less chance of chaffing in the Deco Amore Bra.

Our favourite part of this bra is the racerback clip on the straps, allowing you to create a crossover bra look under clothes where you don't want your straps to show. Making this perfect for a curvier shorter woman, the racerback also allows more stability in the straps (an advantage if your straps are always falling off your shoulders). The Deco Amore is available for a limited time in the below sizes:

AUS 6-8 (UK 28-30) F-GG cups
AUS 10-12 (UK 32-34) E-GG cups
AUS 14 (UK 36) E-F cups

Ewa Michalak Bibi BM Bra Our Ewa Michalak range of bras are unique. What we love about Ewa Michalak styles is how low they sit under the armpits. If you are short in the torso and your bust tends to sit under your arms, then the side-sling on the Bibi BM Bra is perfect for you. Adding a completely front-facing effect to the bra, Bibi will not only lift but also minimise you from the sides.


The Bibi is a fuller-cup balconette, allowing you to feel secure in softer fabric, and offering support and shape without cutting into your underarms.

There's no need to compromise on a flattering shape and comfortable fit with this Ewa Michalak bra. It's available in black in the below size ranges, with some sizes also available in white:

AUS 6-12 (UK 28-34) F-K cups
AUS 14 (UK 36) F-JJ cups
AUS 16 (UK 38) F-J cups
AUS 18 (UK 40) F cup

Panache Jasmine Balconette Bra Jasmine can be described as the slightly more conservative sister for the Bibi BM bra. Offering the same side-support from an impressive side-sling, the Panache Jasmine bra adds a more natural shape to the uplift.

Low enough for medium necklines, there's also stretch lace at the top of the cup to flatter the shape of your bust.


Being fully-adjustable also means that if you're bigger-boobed and short, this bra will offer the perfect fit for you. The strap on the Jasmine gets thicker as you tighten it, allowing restricted chance of slipping off your shoulders.

Panache Jasmine is available in the below sizes in black and nude, with seasonal colours available whilst stocks last.

AUS 6 (UK 28) F-HH cups
AUS 8-16 (UK 30-38) D-K cups

Bra fitter's tips for curvy, short women:
  • Buy a racerback clip for your slipping straps.
  • Make sure your back band is firm enough, so it sits lower on your back and anchors your bust higher.
  • Non-slip shoulder pads are also your friend!
  • Sometimes your underwires may cut into your under arms because the sizing does not correlate to the back band. Getting both your bra back band and cup size right is a life changer!