Correct Fit Case Studies

Correct Fit Case Studies

From 12D to 8E

More often than not customers walk into Brava wearing the wrong size bra; gaping on either side of the bust, a band that’s extremely loose in the back, and cups that just aren’t sitting right under clothes. 

Just recently a customer came into Brava wearing the size she had previously been fitted into, a 12D. Complaining that the wires were causing her grief, the customer explained to us that she also struggles with neck, shoulder and back pain from the weight of her breasts. Constantly tugging and readjusting all day, she admitted that she desperately looked forward to getting home and taking it off. 

When the customer showed us the 12D on, we immediately knew that the bra was not the right fit. We could see that the wires were sitting against her breast tissue instead of sitting behind the breast tissue. The bra was also fitted to the tightest hook on the back band, which wouldn’t allow for any room to go tighter if the bra stretched. 

We knew that we could go down at least one size in the back band so fitted her into a 10E. The cups were sitting far better! However, the band was still sitting on the tightest hook, the wire was not sitting behind her breast and the band was slightly riding up her back, which isn’t an ideal fit.

We suggested she try on an 8E, which is vastly different from the size she had walked in wearing. We were so pleased to see a correct fit through the back band, with the customer saying it felt firm but not too tight, and with two hooks allowing an option to go tighter if the bra was to stretch. The wires were sitting behind her breast tissue, and the cups were holding the bust in perfectly with no gaping or bulging at all. Yay!

Best of all, we could tell the customer felt a huge difference in the fit from the smile on her face. She no longer felt uncomfortable or bothered by her bra, rather she felt supported and light. She stood tall and confident as opposed to standing with weighed down shoulders. Her bust was lifted and the bra was sitting incredibly smooth under her clothes. Our work here was done!

If you feel like your bra is causing you discomfort, don’t hesitate to visit a Brava store and have one of our expert fitters help you find a bra that fits you perfectly!