Curvy Sports Bra Review by Evie Curve

This blog post has been guest-written by Evie Curve - mum of two, shop 4 shape expert and fuller bust specialist.

Well it’s that time of year when you up the anti in the working out department. If you are like me I have that eeeeeeek moment of oh my goodness summer is actually here and I should have doubled my workouts a few months ago. Anyway, better late than never.

Firstly, I must confess - I’ve been wearing my regular bra to my Pilates workouts up until now and yes, I know that’s a big no-no, but time just got away with me! I finally made it down to Brava Lingerie Hampton kid free to try out a selection of sports bras and test drive them on the treadmill they have in store. In the end I tried 6 different styles and found it difficult to pick which one was the overall winner! Read on to see my reviews of each sports bra. 

Shock Absorber Active Multi Sports Bra in 12G

The first sports bra I took for a run was a soft wire free crop. I was instantly loving the soft feel and comfort factor. It is perfect for Pilates and yoga - whilst it has some support, it is definitely more suited to gentler exercise. I was sold on just how comfortable this bra was!

Shock Absorber Active D+ Classic Support Bra in 14F

Whilst this sports bra was definitely more supportive than the first, I was not so keen on the design as it sat super high on me. I guess the reason being is to provide that extra support and less bounce, but I love a lower cut version bra, so this was not for me.

Panache Sports Bra in 10G

I absolutely loved this Sports bra - it ticked all the boxes for me and trialling it on the treadmill confirmed it was a winner. It was definitely the best bra I tried regarding bounce control and firm support whilst running. The racer back option also allowed for even more support and visually a winner when wearing action back tops. I loved how the cups separated the bust which made me feel more confident and supported. This is the one I’ll be taking home with me.

Panache Wireless Sports Bra in 12G

Who doesn’t mind a bit of colour! I loved the cool design and bright hues. It did not have the separation of the bust like the Panache Sport bra with underwire, but still gets my tick of approval for support as the action back creates more firmness and security. The bounce control was good after running this baby on the treadmill, just not as good as the Panache Sports. 

Prima Donna Sweater Underwired Bra in 10G 

I absolutely loved this bra for the comfort factor and support for larger busted girls such as myself. The fabric is soft like a sweater. It sits slightly high but felt that all the other pluses outweighed this. It has excellent bounce control so is great for running, and the racer back option provides extra support. Again, the soft feel and comfort makes this my second runner up.

Freya Active Epic Moulded Crop Top sports Bra in 10G

This style had great support and good bounce control, but I’m just not a fan of moulded bras. This may be due to the shape of my bust, but I prefer a more rounded look. The underwire felt a little firm for me.

Evie Curve Sweater Bra

Prima Donna Sweater Underwired Bra

Evie Curve Shock Absorber

Shock Absorber Active Multi Sports Bra

So overall, I loved the first sports bra I tried on, the Shock Absorber Active Multi, for comfort reasons and will be using this for gentler exercise such as yoga and Pilates. I will also be taking home the Panache Sports Bra - it ticked all the boxes for me for a great all-rounder, supportive sports bra that’s perfect for more active sports. This one apparently comes in a divine lace option too which I’ll check out this week!

View Evie Curve's full experience at Brava Hampton below.

Brava's Hampton and Melbourne stores have an in-store treadmill so you can really put our sports bras to the test! Come in for an expert fitting and do the bounce test to see what style is best suited to your needs.

Notice the varying sizes that worked for Evie? It's common to be different sizes in different brands and even in different styles within the same brand. This is why it is so important to try to visit us for our holistic approach to bra fitting. You are not just a number and letter, finding your fit involves so much more. If you can’t visit a Brava store, try our virtual fitter for help with sizes and styles suited to you.