DD cup swimwear and beyond

How much fun is swimwear shopping (said no fuller-busted woman ever)! Does this sound familiar? Standing under the bright lights of the department store fitting room, squeezing into swimwear... knowing it doesn't quite feel right, but assuming it's the best you will get. Sigh.

For so long, DD cup has been perceived to be a BIG cup size because for many years it actually was the biggest cup made. Trust me, I know. As a 15 year old in the 1980s, I was an F cup in a sea of DD cups. Even now, mainstream stores still have a lot of catching up to do. I'm astounded that many stores still limit their offering to a DD cup, when the research tells us that's not the biggest cup size... it's actually the average.

The average bra size

A recent study of over 60,000 women in the USA found that 12DD is the average bra size; however, at Brava our average size is a 12F. Yep, an F cup. But because we specialise in larger cup sizes, it's bound to be bigger than the country wide average. The majority of women visiting Brava for the first time think they are a DD cup, but they are usually an F or G cup.

Considering the average body size in Australia is 14-16, it may not seem to add up... Why a size 12 back band? Well, because most women with a fuller cup are fitted a little differently to our smaller-breasted sisters. It's not uncommon for a woman who wears size 16 to be fitted into a size 12 bra band. Its a daily event at Brava - almost!

Cup-sized swimwear

We wear an underwire bra under our clothes to uplift us, but when it comes to swimwear we're expected to be comfortable in our (almost) natural state. As fuller-busted women, we are unlikely to walk around the house without the support of a bra, let alone on the beach or at the pool!

I didn't swim until I got to my mid-thirties. Why? I was embarrassed about my shape; my boobs, my butt, you name it. I would squeeze into bathers, but then sit on the beach and not dare dive in because God forbid someone would see my body shape and judge me. I look back now and think about all those times I excluded myself from the pure enjoyment of playing in the water with my son. I'm a size 10. What was I thinking? I know now that no-one was taking notice and that my body was just fine.

Fuller-busted swimwear

Regardless of how you feel about your body, wearing swimwear in your correct cup size can provide a dramatic difference to your confidence on the beach. Whatever your swim style - cup-sized bikini, tankini or one piece - these are all available up to a K cup. Check out a couple of our favourites:

Freya Deco Swim Moulded Plunge Bikini

Freya Deco Swim Plunge Bikini | D-GG cup

Prima Donna Cocktail Control Swimsuit

Prima Donna Cocktail Swimsuit | E-GG cup

If you have a slim frame and a full cup, try the fantastic Freya Deco Swim Moulded Plunge Bikini.

Do you prefer a one-piece? We love Prima Donna's Cocktail Control Swimsuit for its body-shaping fabric and asymmetrical draping. Such a flattering style on almost all body shapes.

Elomi Essentials is a range of three-piece swimsuit options offering amazing support in up to HH cup sizes. Go with the Essentials Plunge Bikini top with your choice of Swim Brief, and add one of the Tankinis over the top if you prefer more coverage.

If you prefer some colour in your swimwear, check out some of the latest season fashion styles in D cup & up sizes. Don't hide behind your towel this summer. Try some cup-sized swimwear designed especially for the fuller-bust. Feel comfortable, confident and own it!

Maxine Windram - bra boss, coffee addict, Mother, introvert, blogger¶. Becoming Australia's D cup & up expert wasn't exactly on my radar when considering career options! But after being treated like a problem in bra shops due to my D+ cup size, I now live and breathe boobs, bras and business (I don't actually breathe boobs, that would just be weird). Now don't ask me about my A, B, Cs... I only know my D - Ks. Having run our D cup & up lingerie stores with my Mum for over 10 years, it's now my mission to dig deeper into the world of big boobs and help women get abreast of their bodies and understand how to find that elusive perfect bra.