Do Minimiser Bras really work?

For many years, fuller-busted women had only one decision when it came to bra shopping¦ which colour minimiser bra to buy? If your bra cup size is D or above, and you have only ever worn minimiser bras in an effort to make your breasts appear smaller, then your options have got a whole lot better! It's the perfect time for you to visit a specialty large cup lingerie store and try something new.

What is a minimiser bra?

Designed to compress, minimiser bras usually feature one-piece cups made of a firm material that doesn't stretch, with wide wires, wide straps and wide bands¦ not the prettiest bra style out there in our opinion!

Essentially, minimiser bras work by squashing or flattening your bust across your chest and into your armpits. But this comes at a cost. Yes, you may find it easier to do up your shirt buttons (hooray!). But the result is usually that your shape is distorted and you end up looking like a barrel or a brick (boo!).  Who wants to look wider and thicker? Anyone?

If you want your bust to look smaller and your body to appear slimmer, you need to lift and separate your bust to reveal your shape.

When your bust is lifted, there is a clear distinction between your bust and your waist. Have you ever watched make-over shows on TV and been amazed at how the right style and size in clothing can totally change someone's appearance? The right bra size and style can make you look slimmer and younger - resulting in improved posture and confidence.

Can the right bra make you look smaller?

Now you may think it's a cliche to say embrace your shape and make the most of your attributes, but the truth is that many of Brava's returning customers are amazed at how many people have commented on how much weight they must have lost, when in reality it is because they ditched their minimiser bras! And this is all the result of being correctly fitted into a good quality bra that is designed to be worn without any squishing or distortion.  Ironically, it's a well-fitted bra that will ˜minimise' the appearance of your breasts¦ and that has nothing to do with wearing a minimiser bra.

Should I buy a minimiser bra?

Brava Lingerie was born out of a desire to offer women attractive and supportive bras in larger cup sizes. It's our mission to change the way women look and feel about themselves for the better. And it's for this reason that we don't recommend minimiser bras; there's nothing supportive (or attractive) about squashing your bust down and hiding your shape.

If your local lingerie store offers only minimiser bras in your size, it's time to start shopping elsewhere. There are many lingerie brands now offering gorgeous bras in larger cup sizes with good construction and fit - look out for Elomi, Freya, Fantasie, Panache, Prima Donna and Ewa Michalak - who all offer high-quality, large cup bras in gorgeous, colourful styles.

If you're in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane, visit one of Brava's stores for a professional bra fitting. Our website also features many styles available, and you're most welcome to contact our fitting team for advice or try our virtual fitter for help with sizes and styles suited to you. 

Got a question about minimiser bras, or anything bra related?