Does The Perfect Bra Really Exist?

That is the question. Is anything perfect?

Is there such a thing as a perfect movie?
Perfect tan? Perfect relationship?
If you answered yes to all of the above, big props to you (and please tell us which tan you use)!

Life is full of struggles and scrutiny and rarely do we take a step back and admire the beauty or victories in life, especially in ourselves. Since the rise of social media, the pressure to look and feel perfect has dramatically changed the way we think about ourselves and others, and can have an effect on the way we shop.

Lingerie shopping can be daunting for women of all shapes and sizes, and the hunt for perfection can feel impossible. When seeking the perfect bra, what exactly does that mean? How is bra perfection measured?

  • Is it by comfort, style, or maybe support?
  • Is it how you feel when wearing it? Do you feel sexy? Do you feel confident?
  • Is it from the reaction of your friends and family?

Here at Brava, we have been asking ourselves the same question for years - so does the perfect bra actually exist?

We asked our experts....

Maxine Windram, Brava Founder
Maxine Windram, Brava Founder

Brava founders Lin Windram and her daughter Maxine believe that there is no universally perfect bra. 

“It can be life-changing when found,” Lin says. “However, one woman’s idea of a perfect bra may not be another woman’s.”

Maxine agrees that there can’t be just one. “Depending on how they are feeling, what the occasion is, or what the specific needs are, the perfect bra could change daily”, she says.

“When you take into account weight fluctuations, hormones & even age, your favourite bra may not fit anymore. This is why we suggest regular fittings, as your breast size and shape constantly change.” 

Fran Grasso, manager of the Brava Hampton store and professional bra fitter, thinks there can be a stigma around finding the perfect bra, but it will always come down to the fit.

“People are always complaining that bras are uncomfortable and they struggle to find good ones, however, they just need a proper fitting,” she says.

“While fitting customers I will try really hard to make sure it's right for each woman in terms of fit and feel. The emphasis is always on how they feel in it, rather than just saying they look really good.”

Our Brava customers are always looking for the perfect bra...

After the launch of our latest campaign, the ‘Big Boob Helpline’, it's clear that women are skeptical about finding the perfect bra.

Brava shopper Janette (22G) had been on the hunt for the perfect bra for as long as she could remember and just wanted a bra that made her feel “supported and secure.”

However, after being fitted, she exclaimed the bra made her feel “so sexy”.

Our customers define their perfect bra based on a number of things, but comfort, support and how it makes them feel are always the common factors.

Being bustier can be a major setback while searching for the perfect bra in mainstream stores, but luckily that is something Brava love assisting with, especially since the launch of our Big Boob Helpline.

Our Big Boob Helpline aims to eliminate all of your big boob problems with real help on everyday bras, sport, maternity, just to name a few.

No matter how you measure perfection, you can always guarantee a perfect fitting experience with Brava; either head into one of our stores or call our lovely team on our Big Boob Helpline, on 1300 080 306.