Fashion-forward styles from D to K cup

Finally, us bigger busted women of the world are being gifted with more choice. For years, lingerie shopping for women D cup and up was a case of ‘which nude bra is less boring’ whilst glancing over at the gorgeous, sexy statement bra that only sized up to a 10C. Thankfully so many lingerie brands are now catering for women D cup and up and we are now seeing some truly beautiful, fashion-forward designs in a range of different styles (moulded, half-cup, wire-free, longline… the list goes on). 

Brands like Elomi and Freya have really been able to encapture the most-wanted, fashion-forward trends in their latest collections. Throughout their extensive range, we believe Freya and Elomi styles allow for personality and style to truly shine through. After all, lingerie should be a way to express yourself and should make you feel absolutely fabulous! 

We recently used our very own Brava customers in an Elomi and Freya photoshoot so that we could take photos of ladies who actually wear and love these brands. The styles couldn’t have suited each of their personalities more perfectly - the ladies glowed with confidence and looked incredibly fashionable whilst doing so.

Jordyn’s extremely sweet, loving, fun and playful personality shined through the bold and brilliant Freya styles she modelled. The gorgeous Freya Cameo High Apex Bra in Firefly red is a bright and bold statement piece that’s flirtatious, youthful and courageous - just like Jordyn. 

'I love Freya because like myself it caters for women who have a smaller band with a bigger bust and it's super on-trend! I love wearing Freya because it fits me perfectly and feels amazing’ - Jordyn

Freya Fancies Plunge Bra

Natasha’s warm nature, kind presence, and inspiring personality shined through the Elomi pieces she wore. The Elomi Matilda is a youthful, standout design in a bold and vibrant purple colourway that really resonates with Natasha as a person. 

‘I love Elomi because there are many options available for women of different bust sizes and it’s not the typical nana bra that’s beige, black or white. When I wear an Elomi bra I actually feel really confident in myself and I feel like I can do anything'  - Natasha 

Elomi Matilda Plunge Bra

Elomi Eugenie Plunge Bra

Elomi Sachi Plunge Bra

Shop the beautiful Elomi range and the stunning Freya collection to find a style that perfectly suits you!