Flattering tops for big busts

So you’ve found a bra that you love, fits you perfectly and really suits your body shape - now how do you decide if you are ready to show off your curves or minimise them? We want to help you find a flattering top for a big bust that you adore and motivates you to dress the way you choose. 

Is having a bigger bust a blessing or a curse for you?

It can be either or both, right?

Whether there is a big must-attend event coming up or you need everyday wear, it can be sooo time wasting glimpsing only those wafer thin mannequins in the windows or scrolling through your phone and seeing the endless, unrelatable Instagram models and celebrities. 

I have discovered that when I have found a style I love it usually fits very differently to how it fits on the B cup mannequin.  So I have developed a styleguide that works for me. When seeking a flattering top to wear to a dinner with the new in-laws or attending an event where I want to look somewhat professional without an abundance of cleavage I prefer to avoid these:     

  • Dresses with low cut sides which reveal too much side-boob
  • High-collared tops that seem to make my bust area appear to be bigger and lower
  • Tops with graphics or logos that draw attention to the area and just look wrong

Going without a bra at all for a special outfit doesn’t work for me, or for many of us, and this unfortunately can rule out backless or deep plunge necklines.

What styles of clothing flatter bigger busts?

Well, that depends on what you think a flattered bust looks like, we are all unique and have different perceptions. If you do want to show off your girls, we love that! You already know what to do: low v-necks, tight knits, you got this! Honestly, its not hard to flatter a beautiful big bust, as long as you have the right bra for the cleavage and the shape that you want. 

But if, like me, you prefer to draw attention away from your bust and even minimise a little, then there are some style guidelines that might help

  • A slight v-neck or cross over top or dress can really highlight the décolletage area and again draw attention away from your bust
  • Off the shoulder styles will focus on your shoulders and arms
  • Oversized coats/blazers are so trendy at the moment-buttoned up at the start of your cleavage can be very flattering
  • Wearing a looser top and tight pants will create a great contrast and accentuate the curves on your bottom half

It can be incredibly tough and a little humiliating when exposed to impossible beauty standards and being told how we should dress. At Brava, we have experienced our own share of limitations when a lot of clothing we would love to wear is designed for a B-C cup. This is exactly why we specialize in D Cup & Up bras. Being correctly fitted in the right bra for you can lead you to the clothing style that you love, it looks and feels great. We are here to support you and to help you find the right bra for each outfit and make you feel at the top of your game. 

We say wear whatever makes you feel comfortable and whatever celebrates YOU!

You can always chat to us regarding any big boob problems via our Big Boob Helpline on 1300 080 306 OR get fitted in one of our stores or via Zoom: