How much do my boobs weigh?

Back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, headaches … can we really place the blame on the weight of your breasts? If, like me, you have wondered how much your treasured boobs actually weigh this answer may astound you!

If you wear a size 12 - 14 back band, check out the approximate weights of your breasts in a few different cup sizes:

  • Your D Cup breasts weigh about 920g which is equivalent to a pineapple!
  • Your G Cup breasts weigh about 2.1kg which is the equivalent to two litres of milk!
  • Your K Cup breasts weigh about 3.4kg which is the equivalent to a newborn baby!

Now that you’ve visualized how much your breasts might weigh it’s pretty convincing why having a properly fitting bra is so crucial. In fact its likely to be 'a weight off your chest’

A snug bra band with well-fitting cups will lift and support your breasts, giving you a shape you are happy with while also relieving your annoying shoulder and neck pain that often happens if your straps are forced to take the brunt of the support work.

Your bra straps should only ever support approximately 10% of the weight of your breasts! If your back band isn't firm, the weight of your pineapples (breasts!) can make the back band ride up which brings your shoulders forward, creating bad posture. When you consider how much your boobs weigh it’s no wonder a lack of support can result in back, shoulder and neck pain or even headaches. You just need to get fitted by our expert Brava fitters and you'll be supported and able to stand up straight, thanks to our amazing bra fit magicians.   

To really understand the needs of fuller busted customers, our friends at Prima Donna had all the males in the office willingly wear the weight equivalent of an E Cup bra for a full day. By undertaking this exercise the men have been through it all and now completely grasp the importance of having a properly fitting bra!

Watch the video below:


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Or try one of our all time favourites, the Prima Donna Deauville Full Cup Bra with a three-section underwire bra with firm cups to lift your breast and side sections to nudge them towards the centre.

You also cant go past the Elomi Cate Full Cup Bra which features leotard style straps that sit centrally on the shoulders and curving inwards so the straps sit closer to the centre at the back. The satin parts of the cup are silky smooth to the touch, as well as super supportive, especially in the largest cup!

Look gorgeous, feel confident, and get all the support you need with the Matilda Plunge Bra by Elomi. Matilda accentuates your curves with stunning beaded lace embroidery and opulent silver ring detailing.

Have you noticed a change in the way your bra fits?

Our bodies will change throughout our lifetime and life stages so if you notice your bra is feeling a bit uncomfortable or you’re experiencing some back or neck pain it’s time to get a bra fitting!

Our Big Boob Helpline aims to eliminate all of your big boob problems with real help choosing perfect everyday bras, sports bras, maternity bras or special occasion bras for you!

No matter how you measure perfection, you can always guarantee a perfect fitting experience with Brava. Head into one of our stores or call our lovely team on our Big Boob Helpline, on 1300 080 306.