How often do I need a bra fitting?

How often should you have a bra fitting? We have customers who visit us at the same time every year for a bra fit check. They believe this annual visit is as important as visiting the dentist, a pap smear or a mammogram. And so, do we.

How often do I need a bra fitting?

We want to check the fit of your bra at least every 12 months, especially if your body has gone through changes such as weight loss, weight gain, hormonal changes due to adolescence, pregnancy, menopause or perhaps medication. Hormonal changes can lead to more than a cup size difference.

Why is it so important? Because an ill-fitting bra can not only be really uncomfortable and distort your shape. Even worse it can lead to neck, shoulder and back pain and even headaches.

Brava exists to help D+ cup women to feel good in their bodies and we know how much impact a good fitting bra can have.

It's easy to get swept up in our busy lives and forget, or put off, having a bra fitting. If your bra feels uncomfortable or it's been a while since your last fitting, please visit one of our stores or log in to our online Virtual Fitter for a fit check.

See you soon!