How to Extend the Life of your Lingerie

Have you ever had a wire pop out of your favourite bra? Have you torn a hole in some lace while washing? Maybe you've noticed that the cups aren't giving you quite the same shape and support that they used to¦ We ask for a lot from our bras, and they need to be taken care of to ensure that you get the most out of them. Here are our best tips on taking care of your lingerie!

Hand-wash with gentle detergent

Not only is this the most important step in ensuring your lingerie lasts, but most manufacturers recommend that their bras are only hand-washed with a gentle detergent. Even popping your lingerie in a wash-bag on a gentle cycle in the machine can be too much stress for your delicates.

Don't have time to hand wash? Our secret fitter's tip is to wash your bras while in the shower - you'll save time and water, and they can be simply be hung on the rail to drip dry! Brava also has some incredible Green Tea and Lotus Gel Lingerie Wash that is perfect for taking care of your bras and other delicate garments.

You also don't need to wash your bra every single time you wear it - in fact it's better if you don't! If you've fallen chest first into a puddle of mud, by all means, give your bra a wash, but otherwise it's fine to leave it until you've worn it a few times. Excess washing will only wear out your lingerie more quickly. When in doubt, do the smell test.

Say no to tumble-dryers!

Your bra is designed to hold up your bust, not go round a tumble-dryer. It's a delicate piece of equipment that contains metals, plastics and heat-sensitive fabric, and we've seen plenty of bras melted beyond recognition even on a cool setting. If you want your bra to last, then the dryer is your bra's worst enemy. Drip-drying is the way to go, and make sure that moulded cups are popped back into shape before drying.

Store your bras safely

There are three ways to prevent dents in your moulded bras. Fold moulded cups in half and place inside each other, lay flat inside one another, or hang them in your wardrobe. For lacy styles, fasten the hook and eyes to prevent them catching and snagging on fabric.

Have a few bras on rotation

It might sound silly, but your bras need time to rest and breathe in between each wear. This gives the elastic time to mould itself back to its original shape and prevents over-stretching. Having a couple of bras to rotate between means they all get the regular rest they need for a long and supportive life.

Do you have any tips for taking care of your lingerie that we've missed? Let us know below!