How to stop bra straps from slipping

Do your bra straps continually slip down? It’s a common problem. Narrow or sloping shoulders can contribute, but there are a few other factors which may also explain it. And most of these relate to how well your bra fits. Read on to learn how to stop your bra straps from sliding down, once and for all.

Adjust your bra straps

Regularly washing and wearing your bras will eventually take its toll. The strap sliders will move after a while, so make sure you adjust the bra straps whenever you feel them loosen. Although it’s your bra back band that carries most of the weight of your bust, you need to ensure your straps are still tight enough to provide some support.

Wrinkly cups

As we age, our breasts change shape. Volume decreases and you may notice your breasts become softer or lose their fullness. Bra size will change throughout your life, and will often vary between brands with some lingerie brands sizing differently. If your cup isn’t filled properly, your straps can become looser if they’re not lifting to their potential. It’s important that you have regular bra fittings and get your bra double-checked for fit while you’re in the store.

Bra extenders

Try not to use bra extenders. When you use a back extender, you’re adding length to the back band. When the back length is extended, the straps move further apart, sitting closer to the edge of your shoulders (and increasing the chances of your bra straps slipping). Make sure you get a fitting and see if you need a bigger back band.

Back band too big?

If the back band of your bra is too big then ultimately you’ll have the same problem as wearing a bra extender. Your straps will sit further apart, causing them to slide off your shoulders. A loose band will rise up the back causing discomfort and strap slippage. Going down a band size and up a cup size can rectify this.

Finding the right style

If you have shorter shoulders, we recommend that you look for bras with fully adjustable shoulder straps. The height between your breasts and the top of your shoulders is shorter, needing extra room to tighten the straps to be supportive.


Another possible solution is to wear bras with racerback strap options. Many women love the additional support that a racerback offers, as well as it’s ability to suit various outfits. Alternatively try bra accessories to help pull the straps together and avoid slipping. Our Braza Happy Straps are terrific. They hook your straps without putting pressure on your neck and shoulders.

If you still find that your bra straps are slipping down, we recommend that you visit a professional bra fitter for advice. If you can’t get to a Brava store in Melbourne or Sydney, our customer service team will happily help you via phone or email. Got a question? Leave your comment below.