I've Just Been Fitted-Now Where's My Cleavage?

You may have recently been fitted into a new bra size which was comfortable, the underwires gave you perfect separation, and a great shape (congratulations!). But did you feel a certain something was missing?


As so many of us have been wearing the wrong size, we are often used to a much smaller cup, which pushes together and up (a bit more like the image above).There is nothing wrong with gorgeous cleavage - the problem here is that in this picture (and many, many, others), cleavage is being created at the expense of fit. When a bra is properly fitted, the underwires should always sit flush on the chest wall (not on the actual breast tissue), and the cup should support (not squash) the entire breast. If the cup is too small the back can ride up, the cups move around and we risk the breasts escaping alltogether! A perfect fit ensures comfort, great shape, and helps keep your breasts firm and perky for as long as possible!

So, does this mean that a D+ girl must say goodbye to her cleavage? MOST CERTAINLY NOT! Try the following for amazing cleavage and fit! 

Number one on the list has to be the Freya Deco (up to a GG-cup): If you haven't heard about the Freya Deco before, it's time to give it a try (and see these excellent reviews here and here). The Deco gives great cleavage and a firm, rounded shape; the wires sit flush on the chest wall and the entire breast is encased on the side.The Deco is a perfect option for fabulous fit without sacrificing cleavage. This excellent bra is also available in nude, red and blue and has quite a few cousin styles including the very sexy Freya Taylor and Fauve Evangeline.

Second on the list is the Masquerade Rhea (up to an H-cup). This gives more of a œMarie Antionette style cleavage, with lots of uplift, and a wonderful classical shape.

This low and square neckline is incredibly elegant under dresses with a sweeping neckline, and the satin fabric is a luxurious touch.

Curvy Kate (includes 6 and 8 backs up to J cup) has an excellent range of cleavage-enhancing options in their Showgirl range. The Tempt Me bra is very low cut, great for creating cleavage and perhaps the most daring of all plunge bras currently available for the D+ woman.

Note that in this style, despite the low cut neckline, the wires sit flat on the chest and there is nothing escaping from the side!

Psst! The Curvy Kate Entice is not here yet, but will be here very soon (keep an eye on our Facebook page!). Curvy Kate Balcony styles are brilliant for sexy lift and cleavage, and this is no exception.The cups push up the bust while holding everything in. The ideal bra for a Saturday night.You can have a perfect fit as a D+ cup and a spectacular display of cleavage. It's time to get correctly fitted into a shape you love. Have you tried any of these styles? What are your favourites for cleavage?