Let Us Solve Your Big Boob Problems

A Big Boob Helpline to solve Big Boob Problems! For Real?!

”Brava are THE big boob ninja wizards" - Mia Freedman (Mamamia)

Having Big Boobs can feel like more of a burden than a blessing. At Brava, we plan to relieve your big boob problems so you can go about living your best big boob life without your back band riding up, digging wires, straps falling down, or bulging cups. We also understand that a bra fitting isn’t everyone’s favourite experience, which is why we try and make it as pain free as possible with expert fitters and amazing styles.

That phrase got us thinking, "what if that was a real thing? A big boob helpline!" Well, being the wizards we are….POOF! The Big Boob Helpline was born.

We threw away the tape measure 15 years ago, and although a little unconventional, we believe there is nothing better than a fitter with extensive product knowledge and the ‘fit by eye’ superpower we are known for. It’s the Brava Way. Yep that’s right, we know what you need just by looking at your shape.

Enter Prima Donna…. Prima Donna is one of our favourite brands with a generous size range, high quality fabrics and best of all we do not have to compromise fit for style. You can have your cake and eat it too. Sports bras, strapless bras, swimwear, and a variety of everyday and fashion forward styles, their amazing quality and fit make for extremely comfortable and long lasting bras. Gorgeous, luxurious styles that will make you forget you even have a bra on!

Building strong relationships with our amazing customer makes it all worth it. We see women through all different stages of their life, first bra, becoming active, pregnancy, their weight loss/gain journeys, you name it, we’ve experienced it with all of you and helped you to feel like the best version of yourself; this is the most rewarding part of our jobs, to eliminate big boob problems and see your transformations.

Now It’s Your Turn To Say Goodbye To Your Big Boob Problems

The Big Boob Helpline, along with the most amazing Prima Donna bras, can solve all your big boob problems. If you can’t get into a store, call The Big Boob Helpline on 1300 080 306.

The Big Boob Helpline

I remember my first bra fitting, it was the corner shop in the local village... what is this the 1600s?! Alas no, it was the early 2000s, and despite how far fashion may have come, this place looked like an explosion at a doily factory. Sheepishly, I stepped in to the change room hurried along by an elderly lady brandishing a tape measure like a weapon. “Well off you get” - she motioned for me to take off my t-shirt. I obliged, and stood there shielding my chest (and my shame). 

I wonder how things would have been different for me if I had access to a place like Brava Lingerie back then. A place that didn’t treat big-boobed gals like an anomaly, forced to peruse a dark, dusty corner rack. A place that not only embraced growing bodies, but celebrated them too. We’ve all got those horror bra fitting stories, but the thing is, it doesn’t have be that way. Brava has made it easy for those D cup and up to get fitted - whether that’s in store or via zoom (you don’t even have to put pants on!)

- Jess Rae King, model

Visit a Brava store, or book a ZoomFit to connect you to an expert bra fitter no matter where you are in the world to experience first class lingerie and an expert fit every time from Brava and Prima Donna.