Lingerie Styles for Mature Women

Age shouldn't limit what bra styles you can wear, and we've already proven at the Bra Fitter that being mature can be oh-so sexy! Sure, you need to take into consideration changes to shape and size, but this by no means that you must wear ""grandma"" bras. Mature women are sadly underrepresented in the lingerie market. So, what do we look for when fitting lingerie styles for mature women? Older women need a bra with good structure in the cup; breasts become heavier with age as the tissue loses density. A style that lifts and separates will give a smoother decolletage, and be more flattering with open necklines. And remember, there are more colours options than just beige! We love seeing mature women in bolder and brighter colours, and we find that they love to see themselves in them too! Here are some of our picks for the styles that suit mature D+ women.

Prima Donna Deauville Full Cup Bra

The Deauville gives an uplifted, classic shape, and still appears quite smooth under clothing even with the lace detailing adorning the top of the cup. This is a gorgeous fuller cup option, and we regularly hear from Prima Donna fans that they're easily the most comfortable bras that they've ever worn! Deauville's sister style, the Prima Donna Madison, shares many of her good points with the added bonus of a soft stretch lace top cup edge; you can read our Madison review here. Deauville is available in black, latte, white and natural all year round, with bold fashion colours available seasonally.

Elomi Caitlyn Wirefree Bra

Some women find that the best way to cope with the changes to their bodies is to shun underwired bras altogether. While that's not always necessary, the Elomi Caitlyn Wirefree Bra is a fantastic option for fuller bust and fuller figured women up to a G cup and is available in 14 - 22 Australian band sizes. It gives full coverage, an uplifted, perky shape, and comes in black and a beautiful ivory, with a touch of floral embroidery at the top of the cup. The Elomi Caitlyn Side Support Bra with the underwire is also a fantastic fit on a mature bust, and is available up to a K cup.

Empreinte Melody Full Cup Bra

The Empreinte Melody Full Cup Bra ticks all of the boxes here - Melody features comfortable padded straps that sit high up on the shoulders and are centrally positioned at the back to prevent slippage, a common problem experienced by mature women. There's also the wide band which is incredibly soft against the skin, and the smooth look cup that gives a youthful, natural look underneath clothing. Melody is available in black, nude and ivory, with seasonal colours also available. You can read our review of the Empreinte Melody Full Cup Bra here.

Enell Sports Bra

Not the prettiest of bras we'll grant you, but the Enell Sports Bra is a fantastic front opening bra option for larger cup women who may have lost some mobility, or are experiencing back problems. The full coverage back and cross-strap design gives posture enhancing back support. For further information on this style, you can read our Enell Sports Bra review here.


Anita Rosa Faia Twin Seamless Bra

Smooth cups, soft and wide straps - the Anita Rosa Faia Twin Seamless Bra is one of the plainer bras we've listed here, but it certainly deserves its place. The underwires are cut low on the side and there are no seams or side boning, which is great for preventing irritation against softer skin. Every piece of this bra is soft and smooth, thanks to the microfibre fabric. The cups give a natural, rounded shape, and the seamless cups work perfectly under fitted clothing.
What are your mature lingerie style picks? Are there any styles that you feel work well for you that we haven't listed here?