Most Comfortable D-H Cup Bra?

Do you have a favourite bra that is so comfortable you forget you’re wearing it? It’s the holy grail of bra shopping for many D+ cup women; finding a bra that offers comfort, support, and a beautiful style.

Comfort (noun)

  • a state of physical ease and freedom from pain or constraint;

For many fuller-busted women, the words ‘bra’ and ‘comfort’ exist as enemies, sworn never to co-exist in a harmonious sentence. If you wear D+ cup-sizes and your days are filled with dreams of ripping off your bra as soon as you get home, then you are not alone. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Over the years, we’ve fitted thousands of D+ cup women and had the pleasure of witnessing the joy on their faces as they discover beauty, support, AND comfort can co-exist in a bra. We’re not magicians, but these moments are often described as magic. We’re proud to offer many incredible lingerie brands to suit the needs of D-K cup women, but we believe we’ve found one D-H cup bra that solves the issue of comfort for the majority of women who try it. And once they try it, they’re hooked!

So, we’re prepared to call it… we believe Australia’s most comfortable bra in D-H cup sizes is...

Madison by Prima Donna

We’ve previously written about all the reasons why Prima Donna lingerie is so comfortable here, as it certainly isn’t by chance. Prima Donna has been designing lingerie since 1865, and their experience and passion shows in every piece of lingerie they create. The design process to make one Prima Donna bra style takes 18 months, with extensive testing of materials and fit, resulting in many of their bra components being exclusive to the Prima Donna brand.

The iconic Madison Full Cup Bra has been a favourite at Brava ever since we first fitted it eight years ago and it continues to be our bestselling everyday bra in D-H cup...

“When I tried on this bra, my whole body fell in love!! I never thought bra straps could be so comfortable.” – Angela, 16E

“It is THE best bra I have ever owned; the support is phenomenal, and it has reduced strain across my shoulders.” – Renee, 16G

“While other bras make me rush to take them off at the end of the day. The Prima Donna Madison is happily worn late into the night. The most comfortable bra I’ve ever worn…” - Kate, 14G

Prima Donna Madison Full Cup Bra

What makes Madison by Prima Donna the most comfortable bra?

  • Beautiful, high-quality European fabrics and stretch lace are used in its construction - making it extremely supportive for day-to-day activities. 
  • Unique underwires feature 4 layers of wire-casing, including a level of soft foam for unbelievable comfort.
  • Deep cups create lift your breasts and reinforced support panels create firm support and forward projection.
  • The back panels are made from high return Belgian elastic knit, resulting in strong hold and comfort.
  • Shoulder straps are very soft with low stretch.
  • Innovative curved back panels complete an emphasis on comfort at every stage of the design process.

All these reasons and more make the Madison Full Cup Bra a standout for our fitters and customers. Even women who have sworn off wearing underwires have been tempted back by Prima Donna Madison thanks to its foam-encased wires. But don’t take our word for it - you can read more customer reviews of Madison here.

Of course, we all come in beautifully different shapes and sizes so there is no such thing as one bra that suits all women. Whilst we’re declaring Madison by Prima Donna to be the most comfortable D-H cup bra, we know it won’t work for everyone. If you’re in the D-H cup size range we do recommend that you try it, but some women may find that another brand or style suits them better. If you’re thinking of trying out Madison to see what all the fuss is about, have a look at our latest offer here (valid until 1/12/2019).

Do you wear Madison by Prima Donna? Comment below to tell us what you think.