My top 5 glamourous bras for bigger busts

I'll keep this intro simple because if you're reading this you're probably thinking beautiful bras for busty girls? WHERE?! Does your story sound something like this? Shopping for bras as a teenager was depressing, to say the least. Finding anything cute, modern and that didn't feel like a straitjacket seemed impossible. You may have even stood in those change rooms feeling isolated and close to tears as a sales assistant tried to force you into a skin tone, minimiser with 4 hooks after you requested something sexy to fit under you little party dress. Well, guess what? You're not alone! You are one of many women, including the amazing mother and daughter who founded Brava Lingerie for exactly this reason. Unless I know exactly what I'm looking for, I skip the department stores and head straight to where the ladies know their busty bras. They will listen to your requests and they source beautiful lingerie from around the world!

So when I needed some sexy black bras for a luxury lingerie photo shoot I knew just who to call! In this instance, I was after black, sexy and high-end glamour. Usually a tall order in a 14G. The rest I left to the team at Brava. They came up with a large selection but here's my pick!

They are all great so I've ordered them at random and am only discussing the bras as some are styled with different bottoms.

The Melody was the biggest surprise of the collection and my favorite in photos. When I first saw it I wasn't immediately won over, but after years in fashion I know to never judge a garment on the hanger. Full cup and sheer lace is not a look I normally like, however once on, this bra will change everything you thought you knew about the style. This also doubles as the sexiest t-shirt bra you will ever own, due to its seem free and surprisingly comfortable, supportive lace cup!

A European brand the lace looks expensive and almost art deco in its intricate design. Though it has padded straps and up to 3 hooks at the back this seems to be balanced out by the sheerness of the lace, particularly on a bigger cup, leaving it looking delicate and sexy.

Price Range: $$$

It may be called OKSANA but I have nick-named this bra œJelly on a plate and I love it! The lift and shape are phenomenal giving an amazing up, front and center look (that's the plate) leaving the top part of your breast exposed (and there's the jelly). When you walk, the bra doesn't move but if you're all natural up there, you, probably will. I love a beautiful balconette bra because of the lift and the ability to wear it with low cut dresses or more open necklines. It's listed as a padded bra but I think that's probably a mistake when you're pitching to bigger cup sizes. I think the term molded explains it better. It's thick enough to give you that silicone round shape and hide fripples but not so thick that it makes you feel any bigger than you already are. Ewa Michalak seems to understand that if you're opting for this bra you want sexy and they deliver in the design. Elegant lace, vertical seams and little fancy details.

Price Range $

If you were looking to invest in a set of European couture lingerie, then look no further. This 3-piece set (bra, bottoms and suspender belt) is one of the most glamorous high-quality pieces I've seen. While I'm not personally a fan of the full cup, this does have a beautifully crafted cup that helps you get away with it. It also means that will have you looking the bombshell but is practical enough to wear under most outfits, so you're always feeling your most glamorous and you can channel your inner Dita Von Teese regardless of your day job.

The Couture is just that, and you can't help but feel very special in lingerie that is sewn by hand. It's almost a mini work of art with a bra made from around 45 separate pieces and 32 different stitches. Yes, I got curious and did some research!

Price Range $$

Maison Le Jaby could be my new favourite brand and this bra is next level chic! If I could make my own bra it would be something like this. For a start the fabric is something else, I couldn't stop touching this flocked/dotted Swiss knit cup! You won't be able to keep your hands off yourself! It's in the balconette, demi cup style, meaning it looks delicate even in bigger sizes, but with this peekaboo lace that offers more support to the rest of the breast. It also breaks up the look of the breast into two sections creating the illusion of a smaller cup. When it comes to bras, wearing one continuous fabric in a full cup can have the same effect as a turtle neck top. You know what I mean. This is so supportive! It has great lift, but it's less stripper and more swanning around my French mansion in my lingerie.

By a French brand (of course!) MAISONLEJABY, it is youthful and modern despite the brand starting in the 1930s. Basically, they've taken the construction techniques of that amazing vintage lingerie and then created modern designs. YAS!

Price Range $$

They left nothing to the imagination when naming this bra and they pretty much summed it up in 3 words. It's a sheer lace, low cut, plunge bra that somehow still keeps the ladies apart, stopping spilling at the front and the dreaded multi breast look. The cup also feels firm giving you a natural looking lift and the feeling of support as you move about. I barely adjusted anything during the photo shoot, even though I moved around a lot in this bra. It makes sense that it's a favourite at Brava as an everyday bra option. The beautiful lace makes it feel very elegant and the use of the C motif made me happy because who doesn't love a bra with their initials on it!

Price Range $$

If you were hoping for minimisers, I'm sorry lovelies. In my opinion if you've got it, flaunt it and don't apologise for being how nature made you. Personally I'm not a fan of minimisers. They can't actually minimiser your breasts. It's just an illusion achieved by spreading them out over a larger area making your waist disappear and your torso wider. I've decided I'd much rather wear mine out front, loud and proud than flatten them across my chest. These 5 bra's should have you feeling pretty proud of yours too. Thank god they've realised there's no link between beauty and size.

Be you!
Own it!
Carla xo
NOTE: I'm not a referral partner for these brands nor am I paid for this review. I am just a fan of these pieces and know the struggle is real for busty women like me, so I'm sharing for your benefit alone.
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