Myth No. 6 - A moulded bra will make me look bigger

Do you fear that wearing a moulded bra will make your bust look larger? This is a common misconception about moulded bras, which in our experience we've found to be untrue.

To clear up any confusion, we define a moulded bra as having a seamless cup which holds its shape even after you have taken it off. 'Moulded' describes how the bra has been made, by heating the bra material over a mold to give the cup its shape. Many moulded bras have a very thin even layer of foam, which is great for providing that smooth and seamfree. Since their launch on the lingerie scene in the 1980s, moulded bras have continued to make fantastic advancements in their design and structure.

Our top reasons why you should try a moulded bra...

Moulded bras have a slimming effect

When we talk about moulded bras, we don't mean 'padded'. Good moulded bras lift your bust just a little higher, elongate your torso and bring your bust in and up (rather than spreading it). We love moulded bras at Brava because they are very slimming.

Invisible under your clothing

Thanks to their totally seamless shape, moulded bras give a smooth line under your outfit. Some women also love moulded bras for their ability to hide nipples. Even under the most fitting of outfits, a moulded bra will give you a completely smooth line.

Uplifted shape

When you wear a moulded bra, your breast conforms to the shape of the bra and gives a lovely rounded appearance to your bust.

Even though a moulded cup bra may look large, it will not actually add to your size. In fact, these bras are great for larger cup sizes because they truly lift and shape the bust. Our favorite moulded bras in larger cup sizes are the Freya Deco Moulded Plunge Bra, Fantasie Smoothing Moulded T-Shirt Bra, and the Elomi Amelia Bandless Moulded Bra.

Fitter's Tip: When wearing a moulded bra, it is important that the cup fits your breast perfectly to avoid a gap or bulge at the top of the cup. For help finding the perfect D+ cup moulded bra, drop in to a Brava store or shop online with the help of our customer care team.

Do you have a question about moulded bras? Or want to tell us your favourite moulded style? Leave a comment below.