Overcoming My Fear Of Bra Fittings

Growing up, I never had a great experience getting fitted for bras. That’s why for the past 6 years, I have avoided them at all costs. I dealt with squishing into a bra three sizes too small, I dealt with snapped wires and no support, I dealt with the scratches and bruises from the sides digging in; a feeling I’m sure we all know too well. I dealt with these things because it felt easier than facing another awkward and uncomfortable bra fitting, where I only feel self-conscious and defeated.

"I came into my Brava fitting full of nerves. I wasn’t sure of what to expect and felt way out of my usual comfort zone. These nerves depleted the moment I was introduced to my fitting expert, Fran!"

I don’t know if it was her bubbly yet calm personality or her incredible knowledge of what I needed in a bra. Either way, Fran made me feel so comfortable and knew exactly what I was talking about when I explained the issues I was having with my current bras, as well as what I was needing. Finally, someone who completely understood what I was talking about when it came to the issues we bigger busted girls often face with ill-fitting bras. More importantly, she really took the time to actually listen to me and find out what was important to me when finding the perfect bra.

I play a lot of sports, so I definitely needed to find a good supportive sports bra. Then, of course, I wanted a nice and comfortable, everyday bra.

The first bra Fran brought in was the Prima Donna The Sweater Underwired Sports bra. To be honest, when I first felt the bra, I was sceptical. I thought that surely it couldn’t be supportive enough, it felt pretty thin and lightweight, which in my experience, isn’t that common in sports bras. But, by some miracle, it was so perfect!! I am not kidding when I say that it transformed once I put it on. It perfectly moulded to my cup and held it there with so much support, I also completely forgot that it was underwired, it was sitting in such a good spot that I could barely feel it there. The strap was slightly tight, so Fran swapped it for a different size and it fit like a dream! I was so happy with it, I didn’t even need to try on any other sports bras.

I was ready to see the options for a casual bra, my expectations for this were pretty standard. I thought I would be handed the classic beige option and perhaps a basic black because those are typically the only options available in my size, I never get the cute lacy colourful options. Let me tell you, Brava has changed the game when it comes to choice for the big titty committee!

Fran bought me three different options, all unique. I tried on a t-shirt bra first which I thought gave a beautiful cup shape and was of course very comfortable. The second option was a cute lacy black option which really lifted my bust and again gave a gorgeous shape. The third, however, stole my heart and came home with me. The Prima Donna Twist I Do Full Cup Bra in scarlet red was so pretty when I tried it on, I couldn’t not get it. It has a lacy design which is surprisingly durable and the cup fits perfectly and doesn’t make me feel like my boobs are spilling out the top, which I love. I’m literally wearing it now as I type, I’ve been home from work for about 2 hours and I still haven’t taken it off! If that doesn’t say it all, then I don’t know what does. To top it off, I also got the matching lacy hotpant briefs because how could I say no to a gorgeous duo like that?!

"I faced my fear of bra fittings, found my two new favourite bras, and finally have a bra shop that understands exactly what I need. Thanks, Brava!"
Sam is a Brava guest blogger and starred in our Big Boob Helpline video series. To find out more about Brava and Prima Donna's Big Boob Helpline and how Brava can help you into the perfect bra, check out our other Big Boob Helpline blogs!