Teaching during COVID-19

We wanted to hear from a teacher to really gauge how it has been teaching during COVID-19! A graduate teacher, Paris, who also happens to be a Brava customer, answered a few questions for us. Paris gives plenty of useful insights and tips in regards to working from home as a teacher. We can't thank all teachers enough for their hard work and persistence during this time. 

First, tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Paris and I am a graduate teacher, currently in my first year out of uni teaching a wild but amazing bunch of Grade 6's. In addition to teaching, I also enjoy a good brunch date with friends, travelling, exercising, exploring the outdoors and cooking.

How has it been teaching during COVID-19?

Teaching during this time has definitely been different, although I think as a grad teacher I was in the best position in a way as I was already adapting to so many new things and this is just another hurdle that I had to overcome. It has given us a great opportunity to learn more about technology, differentiating tasks and thinking creatively.

I currently work 4 days from home and go into school 1 day. I have actually really enjoyed this time, my students were already using the platform Google classrooms prior to COVID so the system was not new to them. This time also allows me to do things like get up and walk before work and cook my meals at home, things I struggled to find time for prior. Although I really do miss seeing my students every day and having the random conversations us teachers have with them. In their friendship groups we catch up once a week via google meet and this is definitely a highlight as we play games, touch base about remote learning and I respond to any questions they may have.

How do you stay positive during this time?

I think positivity comes and goes but there are a few daily practices I try to implement to stay in a positive mindset, and as we like to say at school, adopt a 'growth mindset' over a 'fixed'. I think one of the biggest things for me is staying in routine and having a set plan for the day. Most of my days start with a 5km walk along a dog walking track behind my house. Although this morning activity is great for my physical health, I think I do it more for my mental health as it sets the tone for my day and I begin my day in a productive state. I often use this time to listen to podcasts (ranging from pop culture, true crime, health to teaching).

As a teacher, I am a lover of learning and this is a time where I get to absorb information. Most days I have also made time to complete a workout. I am lucky enough to have an awesome PT and group trainer who is now live-streaming her classes via Zoom. Alongside this, I will always incorporate one boxing session with my sister per week as this is my favourite form of exercise and a laugh at the same time. Lastly, something that will always turn my mood around is music. Nothing puts me in a better mood than some 00's throwbacks and having a dance party in my kitchen (these also really get the heart racing). 

What kind of exercise do you enjoy AND of course, what sports bra do you wear? (We know you are a Brava customer, so we can’t help but ask)

My favourite form of exercise would 100% be walking but I am also a sucker for a good HIIT sweat sesh. I also trained last year for the Melbourne 10km run, which was super rewarding when I completed it in my goal time. My favourite bra for these high impact workouts would have to be the Panache Sports Bra. I have always been quite big busted and have always relied on a supportive sports bra as I am conscious of bouncing around.

Never have I been able to wear a bra without a crop over the top before this bra. I love when I wear the sports bra I can just think about my run, or my burpee or my boxing combo and not have to worry about how my bra is sitting and whether or not I'm supported or "falling out". I was actually recommended this bra by my sister who is also a teacher and usually wears 3 bras in order to work out, and it makes me so happy to see her comfortable, confident and less self-conscious than ever before all because of the Panache Sports Bra.

Recently I have also tried the Shock Absorber Sports Bra and wow I am so surprised with the comfort and support. I was super impressed with the fit and the wire-free design. Being wireless, I also found myself wearing this all day working and then wearing it to work out in later. I love when you don't have to change bras, it honestly makes life so much easier haha! Finding a supportive sports bra is 100% life-changing, and what I love as well is that they often will last months or even years before you need a new one!  

Panache Sports Bra 

Shock Absorber Active D+ Classic Support Bra

Lastly, what advice can you give to other teachers, or even just people working from home during this time?

My advice to teachers working from home is to find a balance between work and life. I know a lot of teachers who are finding this whole experience quite overwhelming and rely on routine, but I honestly just take each day as it comes and I try to find little wins in every day. It is okay if you feel like you aren't the perfect teacher in this time, you can only try your best and remember you can't fill from an empty cup. I am such a big believer in making sure you take "me" time each day, move your body and take the pressure off yourself things will go back to normal but look at this time as an opportunity to grow and learn as an educator!