The best sexy lingerie in large cup sizes (yes, it does exist!)

Valentine's Day has sprung itself upon us again, which has us thinking about sexy lingerie. And what sexy actually means. And whether women want to receive lingerie as a gift at all? Our bra fitters often help men choose lingerie for the special lady in their life. And whilst it's true that most women love a gift that has been especially selected for her, there can be a fine line between a response of œWow, how romantic and œYou expect me to wear that? We've heard plenty of stories of lingerie gifts that have been stuffed at the back of the drawer never to see the light of day again.

So Valentine's Day may be just another day on the calendar. But if you're celebrating today, or another special occasion coming up soon, remember that what you wear under your clothing can make you feel beautiful and empowered without necessarily being the main event. Given that we live and love lingerie, we don't equate being single with wearing giant beige granny undies, or being in a relationship with wearing lace underwear. No matter what your relationship status is, starting your day by wearing underwear that both feels and looks beautiful gives you a confidence boost that carries you through your day. Some women refer to their lingerie as their secret weapon, as it's only for them. And this is when lingerie is truly at its most powerful.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the same can be said for being sexy. If you feel confident, attractive and comfortable you are most likely at your most attractive. And that's why wearing lingerie that supports, as well as flaunts, is key. Feeling awkward, uncomfortable or squashed makes it hard to hold your head high, let alone move with grace or confidence. Whether you like basques, babydolls or lacy bras, here are some ideas of beautiful lingerie options in D+ cup sizes.

Basques - a firm-fitting bodice that extends over your torso, with the effect of lifting your bust and shaping your waist. Usually with boning for extra shape, and underwire for support, basques can make you feel like a goddess. Some of our favourite basques in larger cup sizes are:
Lingerie sets - large cup lingerie sets can be downright sexy, stylish and sensual. We think these are perfect for adding confidence to your outfit:
Babydoll - a flirty and sexy style of short negligee, designed with underwire cups for the ultimate support. We love these babydolls (available up to a G cup):
Choosing the right lingerie to make you feel and look sexy is all about what suits your personal style and shape. Naughty or nice. Plain or pretty. Lacy or frilly. The most important factor is that you feel confident in whatever you choose to wear. And as for the guys buying lingerie for their ladies, we've got some tips here to help you get the desired response.

Tell us what you think. Do you like receiving lingerie as a gift?