The Best Sports Bras for D Cup and Up

In the sportswear world, quality running shoes often get all the attention but a well-fitted sports bra is the unsung hero. A good sports bra can reduce breast bounce by up to 83% to be precise, but more importantly it can help you to reach your fitness goals in comfort and with confidence.

This becomes even truer for fuller-figure women who wear a D to K cup-size bra. With each running stride, an unsupported D cup bust can bounce two to three inches. And because your breasts are made of soft tissue held up by your skin and the internal Cooper's ligaments (not muscle), bouncing, genetics and gravity can quickly catch up and result in irreversible sagging.

But fear not! There are options out there for full-busted women, you just need to look further than the local department stores.

At Brava, we've met many women who have avoided exercise for YEARS because they've never been able to find the right sports bra. Thankfully we've been able to help these women to rediscover the benefits of exercise for the body and mind, simply by fitting them into a supportive sports bra.

"I was elated to discover that other women dread the idea of running on treadmills, and can be so self-conscious about their breasts in an unsupportive sports bra that they give up exercising in adolescence. I too had these problems in PE at school, and remember I decided to stop trying to join in the activities altogether because of the attention and discomfort it caused. I recently joined a gym for the first time in my life, but I still cannot bring myself to run on that treadmill. Most of the time I can be happy and enjoy my full shape, but these problems rear their ugly heads to a new extreme when bouncing around is involved. Thanks for letting me know I am not alone with these problems."
- Elissa.

Like the women who wear them, sports bras come in all shapes and sizes and this includes up to J cup sizes. If you wear a D-J cup size bra, consider the below tips when sports bra shopping:

  • Try an encapsulation style bra which supports each breast individually
  • Razor back clip can provide additional support
  • Don't be afraid of moulding, it can increase support
  • Look for wide, cushioned straps to reduce tension on your shoulders and help decrease bounce
  • A wide bra band can help secure the bra and your breasts

Our Top 5 Sports Bras for large cup sizes:

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