The Best Sports Bras for D Cup & Up Women

A good sports bra is vital to support women when they have set their physical goals, but even more so for those of us who are D cup & up. We don't need straps slipping off our shoulders, or any sort of discomfort. A good sports bra is engineered to support us much better than a regular bra, and most importantly it gives us the comfort and confidence to push harder for longer. With the range of sports bras available in D-K cups nowadays, there are no more excuses!

Ban the Bounce (almost)

For fuller busted women, not supported by a proper sports bra, each running stride can create a bounce of two to three inches. Ouch! Breast bounce during exercise can stretch supportive ligaments, causing our breast to sag and lead to back pain and discomfort. Because our breasts are made of soft tissue held up by our skin and internal Cooper's ligaments (not muscle), bouncing, genetics and gravity can catch up and result in irreversible damage if we do not wear the correct sports bra.

A good quality well fitted sports bra will definitely minimise bounce, however we can't expect it to completely stop the bounce, it would be too tight resulting in restricted breathing, slight movement of breasts is helpful because it aids the lymph flow. The goal is to feel comfortable and supported enough to reach our desired stage of activity and to realise what is possible in the right gear and mind space.

How to choose the right Sports Bra

It's important to find the most suitable sports bra for our body shape. Many active wear stores promote sports bras that are designed by athletes or sportswear designers, not bra experts, so it's really about fashion, not support. Their size ranges are usually incredibly limited, often a D cup is their largest cup and it has simply not been created with the needs of your bust in mind. Some active wear companies have endless marketing dollars to convey how effective their sports bras are; but in our experience, although their sports bras are stylish, they are definitely not engineered to support a fuller bust.

Comfortable, super supportive sports bras for sizes D cup and up DO exist! You'll just need to look outside activewear retailers and local department stores. Brava has amazing sports bras in sizes 6-22, up to a K cup designed for both high impact sports and passive activity. Just like any other bra, a sports bra can work very differently on different bodies. You be the judge!

Our tips for ensuring you find the right Sports Bra

  1. Fit on the loosest hooks to ensure that as elasticity decreases over time, you'll have room to tighten your back band.
  2. Choose support, not aesthetic. The most supportive sports bras are usually full in the cup and not the prettiest, but in the long term they will reduce damage to your breast tissue.
  3. An encapsulation style sports bra will support each breast individually, while a compression style will offer less separation (but often, stronger support!)
  4. A J-hook is your secret weapon, providing added support, helping with posture and preventing annoying strap slippage.
  5. Wide cushioned straps will reduce tension on your shoulders and absorb any extra bounce.
  6. Put it to the test! Jump up and down, swing your arms and move around. If a bra pokes you, constricts your breathing or has you bulging out the top and sides - it's not right for you.
  7. Don't settle. If you're uncomfortable, something isn't right. You may need a different size, or style entirely - our expert fitters can help!

High Impact Sports

For those of us who play high-impact sports such at Netball, Basketball, Soccer or Aussie Rules, it's crucial that we wear a sports bra that provides support and comfort, specially designed for these super sweaty high impact sports. The moisture-wicking fabrics used in sports bras can absorb sweat, ensuring no moisture build up against the skin. This will improve overall comfort and reduce the chance of your bra causing chafing.

Our confidence on the court is improved when we choose a good sports bra to improve our comfort, performance, and focus on game day. Quality running shoes are important but a properly fitted sports bra is the silent hero; empowering us to reach our fitness goals in comfort.

Brava has Sports Bra options for fuller busted women

We've met many women who have avoided exercise for YEARS because they've never been offered the right sports bra. These women are thrilled to rediscover the benefits of exercise for the body and mind, simply by being fitted into their perfect, comfortable and supportive sports bra.

We deserve a bra that makes us feel confident, comfortable, strong and empowered through being truly supported. We fit sports bras every day. The best sports bras have full coverage cups, designed to offer no cleavage or spillage. The wide straps and broad under-bust of most high impact sports bras help to distribute weight evenly around the body. Just like women, sports bras come in all shapes and sizes, and some are available right up to a K cup.

Our 4 Favourite Underwired Sports Bras

  1. Panache Sports Bra

  2. Elomi Energise Multi-way Sports Bra

  3. Ulla Sydney Underwired Sports Bra

  4. Freya Epic Moulded Sports Bra

Our 4 Favourite Wirefree Sports Bras

  1. Ulla Kate Wirefree Sports Bra

  2. Panache Wirefree Sports Bra

  3. Anita Extreme Control Sports Bra

  4. Shock Absorber Active D+ Sports Bra

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