The invisibility super-power of the mature woman

Gone are the days when women aged in their 50s and beyond were relegated to the background, suddenly becoming invisible to the eyes of fashion labels and admirers. A quick survey of your female friends aged over 50 will prove that the modern woman looks, feels and lives quite differently to the generation before them – most women in this age group consider themselves to have a much younger attitude than their own mother’s generation at the same age.

For some, the perception of being invisible once you hit “middle age” contributes to feeling lost in a world that celebrates youth. But for other women, the experience can be liberating; giving them the freedom to truly be themselves and let go of the labels that have stereotyped them all their lives.

You don’t have to look far to see examples of incredible women in their 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond smashing stereotypes and rewriting the “rules of life” when it comes to ageing. There are endless examples of inspirational women who don’t associate themselves with elastic waists, modest clothing and perfecting their scone recipe for the CWA. Everywhere we look, highly visible older women are rewriting all the rules.

Who are you calling middle-aged?

A recent UK survey found that 96 percent of women aged 40+ don’t feel middle-aged in the least. Of the 500 women surveyed, a huge 80 percent felt society’s assumptions about middle-aged women do not represent their lives. Most of the survey respondents considered themselves in the prime of their life; feeling as vibrant and young as they ever have, partly due to a focus on health and fitness. And happily, 67 percent of women over 40 felt more confident and ambitious than they did a decade ago.

Fashion rules (there are none).

It sounds trivial, but this attitude towards “feeling young” can be helped by the way we choose to dress. According to researchers at Harvard University, people who feel old compared to others tend to age faster, and a major factor in this is the way they dress. No longer tied down to fashion trends, now is the time to wear whatever you please! Whether it be jeans and Converse sneakers, or a well-cut suit from a high-end label. Having a wardrobe full of the latest fashion is no longer a priority – it’s all about quality and expression of your personality.

Less is more.

Gone are the days of accumulating things. All the years of filling up houses often leads to an over-abundance of “stuff” that no longer gives joy. For most women over 50, the blessing that comes with age is a renewed focus on experiences like travel, and spending time with loved ones.

Focusing on the important things.

One of the greatest gifts of feeling invisible is the recognition of what and who is truly important to you. Whether it be cutting out toxic people, simplifying your routines or choosing a wardrobe that reflects your personality.  Invisibility means you can appear out of nowhere, surprise new people with your charms, and lead a life determined by your own desires. You have brains, beauty and life lessons to spare. Now is the time for “mature” women to prove age is a trivial matter.

Iris Apfel’s unique, iconoclastic fashions inspired a new line of MAC cosmetics at the age of 90.

At 40, Vera Wang became a couture bridal designer with her first store opening in New York. 

Julia Child published her first cook book at 48. 

Dame Judi Dench was a very distinguished stage actress but began her movie career in her 60s. 

At 72 aviatrix Margaret Ringenberg completed the Round-the-World Air Race. 

Comedian Lynn Ruth Miller broke into stand-up at 70 & won an Edinburgh Fringe award. 

At 86, Katherine Pelton swam the 200-meter butterfly in 3 minutes, 1.14 seconds, beating the men's world record for that age group by over 20 seconds. 

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