The right bra can boost more than just your bust line

Helen Robinett is this month's guest blogger

My clients are looking to streamline their wardrobes, discover colour and shape that works best for them and of course boost their confidence and feel good about themselves. Not too much to ask is it? But it's just not possible unless the foundation garments are right first!

Just recently two clients of mine were astounded by the difference a visit to Brava made for them. With low self-esteem, feeling older than their almost 40 and 44 years, they felt their appearance had become a bit tired and they couldn't see the beautiful, stylish woman that I knew was inside them. It was clear very quickly that none of the outfits I had put in the story would work until they were wearing the right bra. Less than an hour at Brava had them confident and smiling - and I was ready to introduce them to my world of style to complement the elements of their personality, lifestyle & career.

It's rare to find anyone who resembles the airbrushed images in the glossy magazines. Women frequently compare themselves to others, weighing their looks, success, happiness and skills against someone who they think has what they want and denying their own value in the process. Women are all delightfully different and their needs and desires have changed with the times. Who didn't watch Mad Men and smile at the sweater girl era when they wore tight fitting twinsets and missile shaped bras? The last decade saw a more natural shape that was developed to enhance the great variations in fashion trends. Sometimes we have to step back, be open to things we have never tried and put a little trust in people who want to guide us.

We do know that when a woman wears the wrong size bra not only is her outfit distorted but she also looks much bigger than she is. She may often hunch to make the bust less obvious. The human eye is drawn to distraction. The science of first impressions is such that we are drawn to what's wrong. How many poor fitting bras have you seen today? Standing upright, with good posture substantially improves appearance, with the breasts up where they belong women feel confident,  stand taller and they avoid hiding a bust they might choose to celebrate instead.

With all that in mind, won't any old bra that fits do the job? No way. What matters to women is a little bit of practicality with some good down to earth basics. Next she will be in need of a little romance because it feels good. The basics do the job and the romantic piece will ensure she feels awesome. And so she should!

Back to Basics

A well fitted uplifting bra can be the biggest transformer for a woman wanting to enhance her looks. For most outfits to look their best a moulded, seam-free bra has many advantages. Nothing shows through, they simply lift the bust off the torso and many women appear to have shed a few kilos and they rediscover a waist that has been hidden. Not a romantic or exotic bra but it does make women look better in their clothes and is a fantastic bra for work.

Of course different styles of dress demand different bras, whether it be a strapless, a sexy half cup bra, plunge or a lift you up and pull you in bodysuit, always bring your outfit with you so there are no surprises when you get home.

Why do I send Image Quest clients to Brava Lingerie?  Quite simply because they know what they are doing. Staff are well trained not only in how to fit superbly, but their interpersonal skills are second to none. This matters.

You know what girls? We deserve better. It's time to step up your image and get yourself fitted into a decent bra. When you are D cup and up, you simply cannot afford not to. I'm very proud to have Brava on my side!