Think because this sports bra works for Serena, it will work for you?

If you live in Melbourne, or anywhere in Australia, you're likely to have noticed that the Australian Open started last week. There are many things to love about this - the incredible athletes, the electric atmosphere at the matches, and the way Australians and many international visitors passionately embrace the sport of spectating in the summer sun.

But something else has got our attention, and we'd like to clear up any misconception it may cause. Perhaps you've seen the latest advertising featuring Serena Williams for Berlei? You'd be forgiven for thinking œif it works for Serena, it'll work for me. Right?
Wrong. The truth is that there isn't ONE sports bra that suits all women. This particular brand obviously works well for Serena, helping her achieve her goals, which is fabulous. But that doesn't mean that it will work for you. And no amount of advertising and marketing dollars can change this fact.

At Brava, we carry over 10 sports bra brands and more than 40 different styles of sports bras for D-K cup sizes. But if one woman tried ALL of the brands and styles available in her size, she'd be likely to find quite a few that just do not work for her because of the shape, comfort level or lack of support. It's not as hard as winning the Australian Open but finding the right sports bra can be nearly as uplifting!

So many factors determine the style of bra that's right for you: the level of intensity of your exercise, your bra size, your shape, your preferences for the type of style (encapsulation or compression), and - most importantly - how it feels to you. So if you don't feel supported in your sports bra, or if (even worse) you put off exercise because you've never owned a supportive sports bra, we hope Serena's advertising inspires you to get out there and œreduce bounce. But don't just try the one sports bra brand or style. Try as many as you can before you find your perfect training partner!

Do you have a favourite sports bra brand or style? Tell us what it is by commenting below.