Underwired Bras Are Your Friend

If you find underwired bras uncomfortable, you’re not alone. At Brava, we know the reason behind an uncomfortable wire is usually the wrong bra size or style for your shape, so we will ask you to try a few we recommend as its most often a fit issue that can be corrected. After this, if you’re still uncomfortable we’ll happily bring you a wire-free. If you’ve been avoiding underwire for years, read on to find out why that small piece of wire could actually be your friend (not your enemy)!

The wires cut into the side of my bust.

If this is happening, you’re most likely wearing the wrong bra size. The main culprit is that the band is too big and the cup size is too small. You’ve got a wire that isn’t encompassing all your breast tissue. There’s nothing worse than having the wire dig into your breast tissue.

My breast tissue shows under the bottom of the wire when I raise my arms.

Once again, you’re wearing the wrong size bra or you have not done the ‘swoop and scoop’ to lift your breasts above the wire. Constantly tugging the back of your bra down throughout the day may feel like the norm to you. Many women accept that this is simply how bras fit, and that’s that. There’s a quick fix to this problem… go down a back band size (which may mean you need to also go up 1 – 2 cup sizes). You want the band anchored against your body, hugging your rib cage, not allowing the front of the bra to lift up.

Help! Underwire is poking out of the casing and stabbing my chest.

You have well and truly made the most of this lingerie purchase. When this starts happening to you, it means your bras have run their course. Generally, your bras will last between six months and a year. Now this could be even lower depending on how many bras you have and how often you wear them.

If it’s a relatively new bra, make sure you don’t put your bras in the washing machine as that’s one of the reasons an underwire will stick out on a new bra. Heat can also break down fabric, allowing your underwire more of a chance to come out of its casing and poke through. Cool or warm hand wash is all you need. Treat your delicates delicately.

Shock Absorber Active D+ Classic Support Bra

Shock Absorber Active D+ Classic Support Bra

It’s hard to find comfortable underwired sports bras.

If you’ve been searching in department stores, you may have found that there’s a lack of underwired sports bras in D+ cup sizes. It’s hard to find an underwired sports bra that fits well because the sizing is often based on body size, not cup size.

The type of sports bra you need will depend on your activity and whether it is high or low intensity. Sports bras without underwiring can also be as supportive but you need to make sure you have a firm back band. A good compression and support sports bra is our Shock Absorber D+ sports bra, which is great for running and high intensity. For activities such as yoga you’ll want something not as binding but still giving a lift.

A great underwired bra is the Panache Sport, a favourite with our customers, along with being firm and supportive (also available as wire-free). 


The offerings for sexy underwired lingerie for bigger busts was slim.

This is no longer an issue. In the past it was hard to find brands that catered to a fuller bust. Now, it’s more about knowing where to go and which brands work best for you. Many of our brands offer bras that are comfortable and sexy for larger cup sizes. From Freya, Fantasie and Elomi, to Prima Donna, Chantelle and Ewa Michalak, along with a great many more.


Head to a Brava Lingerie store in Melbourne or Sydney for a personal fitting with our expert team. If you’re not close to a Brava store, give us a call and our fitters can help you with the sizing.