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We’re thrilled to have been nominated in this year’s AusMumpreneur Awards. Besides the fact that awards are cool, it gifts us the opportunity to reflect on Brava’s journey over the past (almost) 12 years.

Why Brava?

A basic desire to wear pretty, feminine and well-fitting bras had eluded us for years because we were seeking bras bigger than D cup. Sick of being forced into minimiser bras and finding no swimwear that supported us and frequently embarrassed by the lack of empathy we received in mainstream stores. We felt we needed to create a new, transformational story for fuller busted women. After all, women with busts larger than a C cup needed a better deal!

With no real business experience - we had never worked in a fashion retail store, had never fitted a bra and we didn’t even like shopping - we took on the challenge because we were dedicated to dramatically improving the shopping experience for women D cup and up.In 2006 Brava was born. The first D cup & up lingerie store in Australia.

What’s a MumPreneur?

AusMumPreneur is Australia’s #1 community for ‘MumPreneurs’; which is a fancy name for the many thousands of amazing women out there creating businesses that work around their family life.

From the beginning we worked together as family, mum and daughter, by supporting each other with enthusiasm and hard work to overcome massive doubts. Working on the business together we met significant challenges and thrived, loving every moment. In the early days, flexibility was very important as a single Mum and foster Mum. As MumPreneurs we were able to make the right decisions for our family and not be restricted by an employer. Now Maxine’s son Jake is 22, the struggles have changed but working through them made us strong and determined. Without those challenges in the early days we would not have known our strengths. Children seeing their Mum as a business savvy and independent role model is a great side effect of being a MumPreneur.

Our goal is to help women hold their head high

After almost 12 years in business, we continually ask, ‘how can we do this better?’.

Our staff and customer feedback are vital for continued improvements. We’re so proud of our team of 40 fabulous women that live and breathe Brava’s values of Compassion + Inspiration + Integrity + Empowerment + Respect. Witnessing our staff help customers to feel fabulous makes us proud and is one of our greatest achievements.

Our goal has always been to help women to have a positive bra fitting experience, to feel better about their body, to lift their head up high. The impact a correctly fitted, supportive and gorgeous bra has on a woman is generally underestimated. Her posture, appearance, confidence and smile when she discovers the difference is truly rewarding for our team.

AusMumpreneur Awards 2018


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You can find us in Section 3 for Customer Service – ‘076 Maxine Windram & Lin Windram, Brava Lingerie’

Thank you for your support!
Maxine & Lin Windram (Brava Founders)