When being mature can be oh-so-sexy...

How do you perceive yourself? It's a good indicator of how healthy your self-esteem is, which impacts how others perceive you on a daily basis. Although we all know that true beauty is on the inside, your appearance and self-confidence makes a clear statement to the world about who you are.

Studies have shown that self-esteem declines with age, with mature women struggling more than men in this area¦ but maybe the tide is changing.  Something wonderful has begun in the last decade; society is recognising that mature women are unique in their talents, wisdom and beauty. And (thankfully) retailers and lingerie manufacturers are listening.

No longer overlooked by fashion stores and made to feel invisible, in 2012 the mature woman is not frumpy, old fashioned or bored. With the right foundation provided by beautiful well-fitting lingerie, mature women are increasingly confident and are elevated by a positive self-image. There is nothing sexier than a smiling, self-confident woman.

Now for the nitty-gritty

Bras give your breasts support while you are wearing them but they won't prevent your breasts from sagging. Eventually gravity always takes effect; we change because of the proportion of fat and tissue in our breasts, and no bra can change that.

Thanks to the media's obsession with youth and photo-shopped images, we've lost touch with what is ˜normal' when it comes to breasts. It's important that women accept how normal it is to change shape on the journey of life...  In reality it is perfectly NORMAL for adult breasts to be hanging in a lower, relaxed position.

Let's stand taller and prouder

Breasts in a bad bra are capable of completely disguising the waistline you do have.  Many women who see themselves as shapeless, and don't carry themselves with any confidence as a result, have a hidden figure. Get your breasts up where they belong and you'll see the real you! If you like what you see, and feel confident, you'll stand taller, less-hunched, and avoid hiding a bust you might choose to celebrate instead.

Being Sexy and Mature

Choices in Lingerie for Mature Women

Sexual appeal is not just for young, unmarried women. Europeans recognise that most women become more sexually appealing as they age, due to increased knowledge and experience. Sexy lingerie for older women has been big business in Europe for years. In Australia, we've caught up on the idea that a fit and healthy woman should be celebrated¦ no matter what her age.

Women's bodies have also changed. More exercise and healthy living means that getting older doesn't mean losing strength and tone. Women can be sexy for many decades, so why not have the underwear to enhance it?
Women of all ages can have difficulty finding a bra that is supportive and sexy (especially if they are curvy). But there is no need to compromise on support or allure. Leading European manufacturers focus on beautiful lingerie made from exquisite fabrics that fit well and look beautiful.

There are many options that work well for different shapes and varying needs. For a smooth look under unforgiving fabrics, a moulded bra can give excellent lift; exposing the waist and concealing the fact that one breast is smaller than the other. For breasts that are less-firm at the top, stretch lace on the top of the cup is very flattering. Many bras now feature the leotard back which gives comfort to the woman who is aware of back folds and prefers a smooth look.

European brands that excel for more mature women include Anita, Empriente, Chantelle, Prima Donna and some of the best lingerie in the bigger sizes is made by Elomi, Fantasie and Panache and in the UK. Brava stocks wide ranges of lingerie from all of these exciting brands.

Beyond Bras and Bottoms

Older women may be extra sensitive about their midsections and thighs, especially if they've had children. Bustiers do wonders for shaping the waist and pushing up the breasts. Shape wear, although not very sexy, can create an illusion which we all need every now and then for that special dress.

Most of us are not built like the wonderful Helen Mirren, and are less comfortable in a swimsuit. But what really sets Helen apart is her posture and confidence. Remember that sexiness is in your attitude and a strong, confident woman who knows what she wants is very appealing.

What's your opinion on this topic? Do you have any experiences or tips to share?