Why do my breasts spill out of my bra?

When it comes to bra troubleshooting, we like to think we’ve heard (and solved) it all. One common bra problem (bra-blem?) we hear from new customers is… “I’m always spilling out the sides” which often holds these lovely ladies back from wearing singlet tops or anything revealing their upper arms or back.

‘Bra spillage’ is often referred to as side boob, second boob or back bulge and is common for fuller-busted women. Thankfully, the solution is usually very simply fixed by getting an expert bra fitters’ advice on the right size and style. We all deserve a comfortable and smooth fit from our bras, so here’s some advice on solving bra spillage…

My breasts spill out the sides of my bra.

First things first, make sure that your breast tissue is sitting in the cups. The best way to do this is by leaning forward so your breasts fall naturally into the cup when putting your bra on. Once your bra is done up, lean forward again and scoop your breast tissue forward to ensure your whole bust is in.

If you still feel your breast tissue escaping under your armpits, you might find trying a cup-size up helps to encapsulate all your breast tissue. But it could also be that other brands or styles might suit you better – we find that these styles work well thanks to having a wire that sits back further behind the bust.

Corin Virginia | 6-22, D-G cup

Elomi Cate | 12-22, DD-K cup

Empreinte Melody | 8-20, D-H cup

My breasts spill out the top of my bra.

All too often, this is caused by wearing a back band that is too big and a cup size that is too small. It’s not uncommon for a new customer to visit us wearing a 12DD when her actual size is closer to 8F. If your breasts are spilling out the top of your cup, causing the dreaded ‘second boob’ look then we recommend checking the fit of your bra. 

Your bra’s back band should run straight across your back. If it’s arching or pulling upwards, it’s likely that it is too big. In this case, try a back size down but don’t forget to increase your cup size too. If you’re unsure about how bra sizing works, read more about it here.

Your cups should comfortably contain your breast tissue, so try going up a cup-size if you’re experiencing overspill. 

Lastly, once you're confident you are wearing the right size you should also consider the shape of your breasts. If you are fuller and rounder at the top, you may feel more comfortable in a bra style offering higher coverage like the ones below.

Prima Donna Madison | 10-22, D-H cup

Ulla Viola | 10-22, D-J cup

Ulla Carmen | 12-22, H-JJ cup

My bra gives me ‘back bulge’.

No one likes back bulge, especially if you prefer the streamlined look of fitted clothing. We most often hear it referred to as ‘back fat’ or ‘backrolls’ and it is very common, for women of all sizes. A common misconception is that if you go up a band size it will reduce the problem. Not true! Your bra band should fit snug and firm in order to support your breasts. 

If your dream bra is one that will minimize any perceived ‘back bulge’, consider smoothing styles with seamless edging and ideally a bra with wide back wings. Here are some of our favourites:

Elomi Matilda | 10-22, DD-JJ cup

Goddess Adelaide | 12-22, DD-J cup

Elomi Smoothing | 12-22, D-GG cup

Got a bra fit question or bra-blem? We’d love to help you with it. Drop into a Brava store in Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney, or use our award-winning ZoomFit service from the comfort of your own couch!