Why this blog is as important as a good fitting bra

It's not because we disagree with everything we read and hear about bra fitting. It's not because we know everything. But it is because we know a lot and we learn more everyday and we want to share it. The Bra Fitter blog is a culmination of conversations and fittings we have had with thousands of women over the years at our Melbourne store, Brava.

Bust size doesn't run in every family and sometimes it misses a generation or so. I am Lin, mother of Maxine, and we are the co-founders and owners of Brava. We were both curvacious from our early teens but my twin sister wasn't, she was a neat C cup until menopause hit (and then she became like us). Because Maxine is currently 10F, and I am 8H/10GG, and all of our staff are above a D cup, we all get to try on many brands, styles and shapes of bra and we also get to fit them on our customers. How could we not become experts, when this is both our passion and our livelihood?
For almost 5 years we have chatted, laughed with and fitted several thousand women. And what we happily deduce is that they are all unique, no two of them are the same - in fact no two breasts are the same. We are yet to meet a woman who is symmetrical, or whose body resembles the airbrushed images in the glossy magazines. What women see when they look in the mirror and what we see as bra fitters are two entirely different things, women are so very hard on themselves.

Like most small businesses, we keep our ears to the ground and we read loads of advice and anecdotes. In 'The Bra Fitter' blog, we'll be debunking myths, creating expectations, challenging stereotypes and putting our foot in it. We'll cover the spectrum from the needs of young teenage girls, through to expectant and nursing mothers, to a fuller figure and resolve what's the best support for a runner. When you are at the coalface you are privileged, and you learn quickly what works and what doesn't. Also, we read about the same issues online as we see in store, we know what plagues women when it comes to finding the right bra.

There will be reviews on lingerie, overseas trends, tips on getting the best from what you buy and what to avoid. We have great staff members who will contribute to the discussions and provide a diversity of opinions. Good lingerie is not just about support, it's about comfort, perception, feeling confident and looking fantastic. Our goal is to make sure women who are D cup and up are inspired, feel confident they are receiving dependable advice and have exciting options.

We are now totally exposed, but confident in the information we are providing. We arrived here by listening to what our customers want and, just as importantly, how they feel. To continue adding to our knowledge base we would like to now hear from you...