Why this Valentine’s Day I choose to date myself

This guest blog is written by Natasha, @bustful.beauty, a Brava Ambassador and a passionate advocate for empowering and supporting women.

For many years I stood in fear of being judged when it came to speaking openly about spending time with myself. I am now more comfortable in myself and want to share with others the importance of taking time to date yourself. 

We often get caught up in caring for others; checking in on our friends, colleagues or family members - but when was the last time you checked in on yourself? Instead of responding in autopilot mode with a generic response like ‘I am okay’ and ‘yeah yeah I’m good’, really take the time to sit down and ask yourself how you’re feeling.  

You may reflect and discover that you haven’t been looking after yourself as well as you could have been. You may find that the last time you meditated, read a book, went out dancing or for a walk was a week ago, or even longer. Again, you may be on autopilot mode, unaware of how you are truly feeling.  

I know this feeling all too well as it was a common occurrence for me until I began listening to my body and my mind. At the end of last year I decided that in 2020, I was going to date myself. I will take myself out; whether it be for massage, a comedy show or a hike, and I will not fear what anyone thinks. I have now planned six months' worth of activities that I can’t say no to, and I can’t wait.  

This was a scary experience at first, but now two months in I have realised the only person who was holding me back was me. For so long I didn’t listen to what I needed in fear of being judged by others and at the end of the day, I was the one who suffered. 

For my first date night, I took myself to a show at the Arts Centre in Melbourne called BOOBS, and what a night to remember! I got dressed up (chucked on my favourite Elomi Sachi), took myself out to dinner, confidently walked in and took my seat next to a complete stranger and enjoyed a show all about BOOBS. It sounds easy, but to me it was scary. Now that I have faced my fears, I am eager to do more, learn more, move more and laugh more. 

So, this Valentine’s day take yourself out. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and step into your power. Find out what motivates you and what makes you feel good. It could be putting on your favourite song and dancing in your bedroom with no fear, spending the morning doing your hair and pampering yourself, or simply wearing lingerie that makes you feel incredible.  

The Elomi Matilda is my go-to bra that I always fall to when I want to feel amazing. I feel so confident in it, like I can do anything. I can wear it in every part of my life; with my favourite low cut tops when I’m going out for dinner or to work under almost anything I own.  

Start your day with what makes you happy, because you deserve to take care of yourself.