From Braless to Bra Fitter: My Story

Before I started at Brava in December 2021, I was wearing B cup bras that were uncomfortable; they did not fit, and they were bland and uninspiring. I thought that bras were not for me and felt the need to accept that they never would be for me. It was something I would never care about or put any thought into. I truly believed that a bra that fits did not exist and that all bras were uncomfortable and just a hassle.

Then came a job opening at Brava Lingerie… a company that specialises in D+ cup bras whose priority was making women fall in love with their body and provide comfort and confidence to women of all shapes and sizes. I was fitted on my third day working here into a 14DD. It was then that I realised I could actually embrace and love my boobs and how they looked in a bra, after feeling so uncomfortable, battling with my boobs, and squeezing into and falling out of B cup bras for years!

When I started university in 2017, I made a point of never wearing a bra as a part of what I thought was an act of feminism and empowerment. I felt as though it was not worth the discomfort I was feeling. Little did I know, I had never worn a bra that fits.

I didn’t consider that not all women have the same bust shape and can’t just comfortably decide to not wear bras for this reason. I did not know of, or understand, the demand for curvy bras for women who did not fit into a generic department store bra. After working in the Customer Care team at Brava and fitting women across Australia virtually and in-store, I now understand the necessity and importance of accessibility to D+ cup bras.

When I first started, I was so overwhelmed and excited at how many bras we stocked and how they all were completely different shapes and offered different functionalities. I find it incredibly heart-warming and satisfying when it blows my customers minds as well – how amazing a bra can really be for them, and how comfortable and confident they can feel after being fitted into the best bra for them.

As someone who has been completely converted from a “non-bra” believer to now a bra fitter, I wholeheartedly believe that a bra that fits can make you fall in love with your body. My advice to women is that getting a fitting is “self-care”. Your perfect bra is out there and is waiting for you here at Brava. If you can get into a fitting or book a virtual fit, you may be giving yourself the ultimate opportunity to boost your confidence and feel your absolute best!

Renae is in the customer care team, a bra fitter and helps with Brava's social media. Her favourite bra is the Panache Ana Plunge Bra, and favourite briefs are the Brava Basics Brief. As much as she's obsessed with fit, she's more obsessed with her two adorable Pomeranians x Maltese Shi Tzus! 🐾🐶