The results are in… 47% of women don’t like their breast size!

As an exclusive D cup & up lingerie retailer, we hear constantly from women who struggle to come to terms with their fuller bust. Brava Lingerie needed to know more from Australian women about how they really feel about their breasts and bra shopping…. so the “The Great Australian D+ Cup Bra Survey” was created. Throughout April 2022, over 4,000 women completed the survey, and the results reaffirm, without any doubt, what we have known for the past 15 years about the experience of the Australian fuller busted women who are D cup and up: 

    A whopping 47% don't like their breast size

    A further 42% respondents feel self-conscious about their breast size. 

    69% don't enjoy bra shopping

The most common cup size of over 4,000 survey respondents was a G cup, however this is barely offered by big retailer brands, with most stopping at an E or F cup, and often they don’t offer double sizes, ie FF, GG which reduces their size range even more. 

Brava, the ONLY lingerie chain in Australia that caters ONLY to women with a fuller bust, consistently hears how women have been cast aside by big retailers who offer so few larger cup options that bra fitting becomes an incredibly negative experience for them. 

No wonder women don’t like their breast size when they are made to feel like there is something wrong with their body because mainstream lingerie stores can’t help them. A prime example is the recent Adidas campaign that claimed a ‘size inclusive sports bra collection’, yet their range didn’t cater to women above a DD cup.

At Brava our customers constantly tell us what a relief it is to finally be welcomed to a store that caters exclusively to women who are D Cup & Up knowing they can confidently browse the store and be assured of a wide range of options in their size range. This was one of the primary reasons Brava was founded: Lin and Maxine, a mother-daughter duo, were sick of bra shopping that offered incredibly limited options for their shape that were more suited to a granny. They were seen as a problem by retailers who really didn’t understand the needs of bigger busted women and couldn’t relate to their needs.

“After 15 years in business and having fitted thousands of women, we know that when women consistently hear ‘we have nothing in your size’ they have a very compelling reason to dislike their breast size. Our goal is to change how women feel about their breasts and bra shopping by showing them we care, by listening, offering a wide range of sizes and styles as well as highly trained and experienced, specialist fuller bust bra fitters” Maxine Windram, Brava co-founder says.

Brava was created to help the fuller busted women of Australia discover beautiful, comfortable, and supportive lingerie and swimwear in sizes from a 6 – 22 band, and D – KK Cup and turn around those 47% of women who don’t like their breast size. Afterall, just because you have a fuller bust, doesn’t mean you can’t wear gorgeous lingerie, feel supported when playing sport, wear attractive and supportive maternity bras, and feel welcome in a lingerie store. It’s 2022. The lingerie world needs a reality check.