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Enell Sports Bras

ENELL sports bra size chart

Sizes 00-7 (converts to approximately 10-22 & C-E Cup)

Research: The arch seam of the ENELL Sports Bra is designed to create a unique encapsulation and compression fit for well-endowed women. This patented form fitting feature helps to minimize the "uni-boob" look. ENELL bras provide more coverage and support than most sports bras. ENELL manufacture every bra with NATUREXX®, giving the bras high-tech wicking capabilities. NATUREXX® transfers moisture away from the body, keeping you cool and comfortable during the most intense workouts

Activities: The ENELL sports bra is most suitable for high impact sporting activities such as running, tennis, and horse riding. With the ENELL sports bra's compression support, it should keep bounce to a minimum, while the wide straps and back keeps you comfortable. The ENELL sports bra was designed by a woman to stop the up and down and side to side movement during high-impact exercise. ENELL is serious performance wear for the well-endowed woman, with the fit and feel you deserve. ENELL offers state of the art high quality apparel to meet all your athletic needs, while keeping you cool and comfortable.

Brava's Verdict: The ENELL sports bra should feel snug and should not ride up when you are working out (movement can cause chaffing). The ENELL bra will stretch out a little over time. A good snug fit in the beginning will help ensure superior support throughout the life of the bra.

ENELL provides quality sports bras and apparel for well-endowed women. If you’ve ever heard anything about ENELL sports bras, it's probably due to the media attention from being Oprah's favourite sports bra. We can understand why it works so well on Oprah, because she has a full bust and full frame. The ENELL sports bra works extremely well, but on a small number of women it isn't effective; if you are short from your underbust to your shoulders, it's unlikely the the ENELL sports bra will compress enough to give you the support you need. This is because you cannot adjust the shoulder straps. Also keep in mind that women above a DD cup can wear the ENELL sports bra; we have successfully fitted women who are D cup to H cup bra sizes into the ENELL as it works on compression not cup size. We recommend the ENELL sports bra for plus size women who wear C – H bra cup sizes.

When you try an ENELL sports bra on for the first time, be ready for the difference. It may seem too small at first, but a snug fit means superior support and comfort. To ensure proper fit of your ENELL sports bra - twist your body as though doing a waist exercise - proper fit means the bra should stay in place.

ENELL sports bras use a unique sizing system. Please use the chart below to determine what size you need. If you have any questions or need some fitting advice, don't hesitate to contact us!