JJ Cup Bras

Brava’s Range of JJ Cup Bras

If you wear a JJ cup bra you have so many choices, from plunge bras to balconette bras, strapless bras and even JJ cup bra sized swimwear. Not only everyday bras in JJ cup and up, also sports bras, maternity bras and wirefree bras. Right now, you have a selection of 100s of JJ cup bras to choose from, that’s right, not just 10 or 20 but 100s.

Best Selling JJ Cup Bras

The secret is out. Brava’s best-selling JJ cup bras are revealed. It’s hard to ignore Elomi, Panache and Ewa Michalak when you have a fuller bust, and you want support and comfort.

Our best seller the Elomi Matilda Plunge Bra even has a J-hook to convert to a racer back style. It fits incredibly well for all JJ cup busts. Read all about it here Bra Review of the Elomi Matilda.

The Panache Envy Full Cup Bra is another best seller at Brava. A gorgeous balconette style with lined four sectioned cups for uplift and support. It really is a great everyday bra for JJ cups and K cups. 

Oh Ewa Michalak we love you! If you want sexy, uplift and support as a JJ cup you can’t go past Ewa Michalak Szykus Padded Bra.The size range is just perfect from 6 to 22 and up to a K cup. See our bra review of Ewa Michalak Szykus Bra here.

How to buy a JJ cup bra?

Most brands simply don't make bras in JJ bra cup size so you may struggle to find your size in a mainstream or department store. At Brava you will have choice and expert fuller bust fitters.  

Not all JJ cups are the same size though - As the size of your back band increases, so does the size of the cup. The JJ cup of a 16JJ is bigger than the JJ cup of a 12JJ which means 16JJ is two cup sizes bigger than a 12JJ. 

Getting Fitted for a JJ Cup Bra

Many women who visit Brava for the first time walk out, very happy mind you, in at least 2 to 3 cup sizes.They are experiencing support and comfort for the first time.

Speak to one of the Brava trained bra fitters at our stores in VIC, QLD & NSW, no appointments needed!

Can’t visit a store? Try Brava’s 5-minute Bra Fit Finder, the Bra Fit Quiz that will help you to find your best fit. It will be more comfortable and likely a bra you may not have thought about before.

For a more personal service, check out Virtual Fitter or Zoomfit and enjoy the expertise and care of our bra fitters from home.

Or try live chat or call us and our specially trained fitters will be ready to help.

Buy online at Brava, you’ll get free shipping for orders over $99 with easy returns.