Bra Review - Elomi Nina Bandless Bra (4100)

Unfortunately, this particular bra has been discontinued. Luckily, Elomi have released another great bandless bra, the Elomi Charley Bandless Spacer Moulded Bra!

Have you ever found your perfect bra, bought it many times in every colour, then one day returned to your favourite lingerie store for a shiny new one only to be told that it's no longer made? This sadly happened to so many of our customers when the amazing Elomi Abi Bandless Bra was discontinued. However, sometimes we get lucky, the former Brava superstar Elomi Abi has been reborn as the fabulous Elomi Nina Bandless Bra - back and better than ever!

Sizes Available

AUS 12 (UK 34) G - JJ cups
AUS 14 - 20 (UK 36 - 42) E - JJ cups
AUS 22 (UK 44) E - G cups

Colours Available

Black and sand are available all year.

Best Features

Bandless bra styles like the Elomi Nina Bandless Bra work especially well for short waisted women. The extra bulkiness of a thickly banded bra can cause discomfort and a ""digging-in"" feeling for some, especially while sitting. In bandless styles, there's no fabric band around the underwires at the cup at the front of the bra, eliminating that annoying fabric that can roll and cut in. Nina has a smooth cup made of strong simplex fabric that is very smooth to the touch and soft against the skin, but incredibly supportive.

What customers love:

  • The colours - the black and sand are perfect for everyday wear, but are still beautiful and feminine thanks to floral print that appeals to women of all ages.
  • Leotard style straps curve inwards towards the centre of the back prevent slippage.
  • Shoulder straps sit centrally positioned at the front.
  • Elastic top edge of cup ensures a great fit.
  • A little lower cut at the centre - can wear with a range of clothing styles.
  • Flat-locked seams give the bra structure and generally unnoticeable underneath clothing.
  • Can be a beautiful set! The Elomi Nina Short is an extremely comfy high waist brief, with the matching leaf and stem print.

What customers may dislike:

  • Must be very well fitted. (Although after reading our blog, you should definitely be wearing the right size!) If bandless styles are too loose in the band, breast tissue can slip out underneath the wire, more so than a banded style bra. A firm fit is essential for support!
  • Lack of forward projection - sometimes the side support panel on the Nina isn't strong enough to push the bust forward, especially if your breasts are fuller out to the sides near the arm. In this case, we would recommend trying the Elomi Etta Bandless Bra as the side support panel is a little stronger.
Percentage of women this bra will work on 70%

The Elomi Nina Bandless bra is an all round winner, and fits superbly on short waisted, fuller figured women, especially in the H cup and up size range. We would highly recommend giving it a try!

Total score

Have you ever struggled with a bulky, banded bra? Would you try a bandless style? Let us know what you think in the comments below!