Bra Shopping With Your Daughter

Do you remember your first time? Did your mum take you? Or did you go alone?

Bra shopping can be a lovely ritual between mothers and daughters. Your daughter’s breasts are a part of her development and she needs support and understanding about how her body is changing. Changes to her body can almost happen overnight, and it is crucial to prepare her for it.

This conversation may set the tone for the relationship your daughter has with her own body. How she is treated at a lingerie store can also have a huge impact.

If your daughter isn’t keen on bra shopping and feels uncomfortable about her body reassure her that EVERY WOMAN goes through puberty and that her friends will be experiencing similar feelings. Being aware of the language you use about your own body is also vital.

Inspire body confidence

No woman, no matter their age should be made to feel like a problem. Bigger busted women are NOT hard to fit. It’s about finding the right size and shape to work for you. Our fitters at Brava will always endeavour to make her feel better about herself. You’re coming to us because we’re specialists in D cup and up, not because you’re difficult to fit or there’s something wrong with you. Your daughter shouldn’t feel that way either. We enjoy educating women about bras and how they should fit.


Right Time To Go Bra Shopping

If she hasn’t already asked you about bras you may need to bring it up. If your daughter’s tops are stretching between her bust and standing out conspicuously then it’s time. Addressing the situation right away can save her from unwanted attention from her schoolmates.

Showing Sensitivity

During the fitting, don’t point out anything you consider a flaw, or discuss her weight. Your language and attitude can have a lifelong impact on how she feels about her body. Tell her if you think something suits her. If either of you feel a bra chosen by the fitter does not work, discuss this with the fitter. Feedback is crucial to understanding your daughters needs.

What should she expect?

Firstly have an open and honest conversation to determine her comfort level. Before you bring her to a Brava store, simply explain ‘The Brava Way‘ to put her at ease.

  • She does not have to be naked, we don’t even need to see her breasts. We only enter the room once she has a bra on.
  • We wont be wrapping a tape measure around her. At Brava we have a holistic approach to bra fitting.
  • We leave her in privacy to put her own bra on
  • We will not enter the changeroom without asking to enter first
  • We then check the fit and ask her questions such as is it comfortable? Does she like the style? What about the colour?

Most young girls prefer moulded cups with full coverage or a sports bra. They probably don’t see bras as sexy but more of an inconvenient necessity due to their changing body. However all women are different, we will provide many options.

It can work best to wait outside the fitting room as your daughter is fitted, as she may be less likely to discuss her preferences in front of Mum. However, the opposite can also be true and you can be the support she needs. Either way, when the bra fitter leaves the fitting room, check in with your daughter and see how she’s feeling. She may also be more honest with you and you can relay this to the bra fitter. Approaching the bra fitting in this way is derived from feedback from Mums and daughters over many years at Brava.

Often when young women come into Brava stores they don’t display the same enthusiasm as their smaller busted friends. They may be embarrassed at how quickly their bodies are developing. Its a good idea for you to get a fitting too, to lead by example.

We recommend during teenage years you bring your daughter to Brava every six months for a bra fit check as sometimes breast growth spurts can happen in a very short period.

Some of our most popular bra choices for curvy teenagers:

Freya Active Epic Sports Bra

Panache Sports Bra

Prima Donna Perle Moulded Bra

Corin Virginia Moulded T-shirt Bra

Freya Idol Moulded Balconette Bra

Panache Koko Moulded Plunge Bra