Fuller Bust & Plus Size Lingerie You'll Love

“I can NEVER find pretty lingerie in my size.”


“I stopped trying to run years ago... but I dream of being able to do a fun run.”


“Plus size bras are all ugly! There’s no large size bras I feel good in” 


“I haven’t played at the beach with my kids for years. I just can’t find a swimsuit that I feel good in.”


Sound familiar? If it does, then we've got good news for you. We know that for many fuller-busted and plus-size women, the idea of finding a comfortable, supportive and pretty bra can feel like an impossible feat. But there are indeed options available... and yes, even sexy and fashion-forward styles!


Before we get down to business, let's make sure we have the terminology straight. Fuller bust and plus size are often used interchangeably, but they don't mean the same thing. When we talk of having a "fuller bust" we're referring to the cup size (or the letter in your bra size) which is anything over a D cup. "Plus size" refers to the band size or clothing size, which at Brava we cater up to a size 22 back. For example, a woman who wears 10G (UK 32G) is fuller-busted but not in the plus-sized range.


We believe that every woman deserves beautiful, comfortable, well-fitting lingerie. Fortunately the lingerie industry is increasingly abreast (pun intended) of the needs of fuller busted women, and as each year goes by the range of plus size styles available in Australia grows. 


One brand that specialises in both fuller bust and plus-size lingerie, swimwear & sports bras is Elomi. If you've done your homework (or visited a Brava store before), you probably already know and love Elomi lingerie. But if you haven't yet experienced Elomi, read on and thank us later!


Why we love Elomi

Each year the Elomi collection gets better and better; becoming one of our most popular brands at Brava. So, what's their secret?


Straps - Restricted stretch or padded straps increase comfort & support.

Leotard back - Narrowly placed straps at the back eliminate strap slippage.

Hook & Eyes - Two rows are used in smaller sizes, with three rows in larger sizes for even more support.

Fabric - Supportive and controlling fabrics are used for firm support.

Wires - Extra cushioning around the wire casings make for a comfortable fit.


Everyday comfort

Whether you prefer wirefree or underwire Elomi offers total comfort and support for everyday wear. 

Plus Size Lingerie 

Accentuate your curves with hot bras that are made to be shown off!

Plus Size Swimwear

Finding plus size swimwear for the hot Australian Summer is easy at Brava! Whether you’re after tankini swimwear options, bikinis or beach coverups we have options for you!

Plus Size Sports Bra

One of the best performing sports bra available for the fuller busted and fuller figured woman to keep you supported during your workout!


Plus Size Maternity Bra

Designed to give you total comfort, support and coverage during pregnancy and nursing. 

Plus size strapless bras 

Every woman needs a fabulous strapless bra for those off the shoulder or strappy tops! 

Not sure what size you need? Our award winning Zoom Fit service allows you to get a quick and easy bra fitting from anywhere in Australia or the world!