Why are my breasts uneven?

Did you know that over 50% of women have different size breasts?

Surprisingly common, breast size asymmetry is the term used to describe when your breasts are different in volume, shape or position. The truth is breast asymmetry is so common that even popular celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence and Keira Knightley have opened up about their own uneven breasts. After all, your breasts are sisters not twins! Typically, women find that the asymmetry is more noticeable during puberty and it evens out during development.

Why is one of my boobs bigger than the other?

All breasts (uneven or not) fluctuate throughout the month and, although it's not as easy to identify, most of our body parts aren't fully symmetrical.

Unless your breasts grew uneven post-puberty, it's likely to be due to normal growth variations. In some cases, hormone changes during puberty can cause one breast to start growing before the other, even if they both stop growing at the same time, causing uneven breasts. Although this may seem odd, it's nothing to worry about.

There can be other causes of breast asymmetry, such as postural problems like Scoliosis, or other underlying medical issues. But this is much rarer.

The bottom line is that asymmetrical breasts affect most women on the planet to some degree. You are not alone!

How to choose a bra for uneven breasts

Finding a bra that supports both of your breasts (without one continually trying to escape) can be tricky. Here are some tips on how to fit your bra and minimise your breast size difference.

  • Look for moulded or lightly padded bra styles. Generally, these styles have a lot of structure and won't crease or pucker if they aren't fully filled.
  • When trying on bras, fit to the largest breast. It's much easier to make a bra fit (or appear to fit) a smaller breast than trying to cram the larger ones in a cup that is too small. Look for styles that offer great support, lift and no bulging.
  • Get to know your perfect fit by adjusting your bra properly. Firstly, scoop all of your breast tissue into the cup to make sure no tissue is being squashed or left unsupported. Then you need to adjust the straps so the cups fit as snugly as possible on your smaller breast. If your size difference isn't that significant, this should be enough to make both cups fit correctly. However if the difference is more significant it may take adding a bra pad to fill any extra space on your smaller side. If you're unsure about your bra fit, a trip to a professional bra fitter will help.

Another bra that often works well on uneven breasts is the Prima Donna Madison Full Cup Bra. It has stretch lace on the upper cup to provide more flexibility over the top of the breast tissue and its less likely to cut into the larger breast. At Brava, we meet women all the time who are feeling self-conscious about uneven breasts, but we can assure you that it is super common! Everyone's breasts are different and there are lots of tricks to help make the most of your unique shape. However, if your breast size asymmetry affects your overall mood and well-being, consider talking to a counselor or your GP about it. So much of your body confidence comes from feeling happy within your own skin.

P.S. It's important to always keep an eye out for any breast changes and see your GP if you're concerned. If your breasts have always been fairly even, but more recently you've noticed asymmetry, you should seek an expert medical opinion to rule out anything serious.