Samanta Lingerie: How to Find the Perfect Shape For Your Bust

Meet your new favourite large bust brand! If you've been to a Brava store in the past year, it's likely you've tried a fabulous bra made by Samanta Lingerie. In fact, we were so excited about Samanta that we were the first Australian stockist of the brand! Samanta Lingerie hails from Poland, the home of large cup lingerie brands like Ewa Michalak and Corin Lingerie, and their bras are equally amazing and supportive in the D - J cup range.

About Samanta

Samanta was founded in 1992 with the goal to create unique and special bras. They pride themselves on the surgical precision of their construction, focused to the millimetre to make sure that the fit is absolutely perfect. Their iconic touchpoints? Details, nuances, and precisely tailored elements.

Samanta know that a well-chosen bra will not only improve your physical appearance, but also one's inner well-being. They believe that every woman is unique and deserves to feel comfortable, supported, and feminine which is why they produce stylish and modern bras in such an extensive and inclusive size range... You can see why we vibe with them so much!

Most of their materials are sourced from Europe, and all their material suppliers are certified Oeco Tex® Standard 100, so you can be assured that they're safe and high-quality.

Samanta Bra Shapes

Most of Samanta's bra styles come in these key shapes; whether you've already tried Samanta's elegant designs or you're a newbie to the brand, find which one works best for your bust shape and size!

Full Cup Side Support Bra (A911)

Samanta Juno Full Cup Side Support Bra Sapphire A911

This non-moulded full cup style is an excellent shape for those with larger and full breasts. We see this style in our fitting rooms working well on younger women or those with a lot of fullness at the top of their bust. This style features a wide underwire, shaped to give the bust forward projection at the front of the body and aided by the side support panel at the outer ends of the cup. This also helps prevent the band from rolling on fuller body shapes and gives a smoother line underneath clothing. Overall, this bra shape offers a rounded shape that is brought to the front of the body and really shines in the GG+ size range. The cups are generous so you may need one to two cups sizes smaller from your fit in other brands if you haven't tried Samanta before.

Styles to try: Juno Full Cup Side Support Bra Sapphire (pictured), Sola Full Cup Side Support Bra Pastel, Stella Full Cup Side Support Bra Rosy, Rosalia Full Cup Side Support Bra Black

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Soft Full Cup Bra (A922)

Samanta Nut Soft Full Cup Bra Teal A922

The Soft Full Cup Bra shape from Samanta is non-moulded and like the Full Cup Side Support Bra shape but with a more rounded, uplifted shape. The Soft Full Cup Bras also have a cute second strap design in a complementary colour to the cups. This is also an excellent option for those who are fuller at the top of their bust and in the GG+ size range; we recommend one cup size smaller than your fit in other brands to accommodate for the generous cup sizes if you have a fuller upper bust, and two cup sizes smaller for softer breast tissue. The band can also run slightly generous compared to Panache or Elomi styles, so if you're familiar with those brands, you may also need to size down. If you any issues converting to the right size to try, make sure you reach out to our expert fitting team!

Styles to try: Nut Soft Full Cup Bra Teal (pictured), Nova Soft Full Cup Bra Coral, Perla Soft Full Cup Bra Black

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Soft High Apex Bra (A143)

Samanta Perla Soft High Apex Bra Black A143

The Soft High Apex shape is a non-moulded half-cup style but with slightly fuller coverage. We find this style is perfect for those with a softer or more mature busts as the cup comes that little bit higher, but has a beautiful stretch elastic tulle at the top edge of the cup that encases the bust without cutting in. This also is a gorgeous sweetheart neckline which works well under nearly any style of top or dress… but also stylish enough that you might want to embrace the underwear as outerwear trend! We love this style in the E - FF cups especially.

Styles to try: Perla Soft High Apex Bra Black (pictured), Juno Soft High Apex Bra Sapphire

Try this if you like: Prima Donna Madison Full Cup Bra, Prima Donna Couture Full Cup Bra, Empreinte Melody Bra

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Soft Balconette Bra (A123)

This shape features stunningly beautiful and delicate lace but doesn't scrimp on support! The Soft Balconette shape is a winner for the E-G cup size range and gives a rounded and natural shape to the bust with a slight plunge shape, and is high quality and easy-to-wear. We find this shape works well on busts that are fuller at the bottom. This is also one that almost every bra fitter at Brava in the E-G cup size range owns; we love to wear it and we love to fit it!

Styles to try: Rosalia Soft Balconette Bra Ivory (pictured),  Rosalia Soft Balconette Bra Black

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Bralette (A125)

Samanta's Bralette style is akin to a plunge bra; a low central gore, with fuller coverage near the straps to provide shape and support but still maintaining the light and breezy feel that comes with less coverage. This style is well-suited for E-G cup sizes, with a natural, rounded shape and lift.

Styles to try: Nova Bralette Coral (pictured)

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Soft Half Cup Bra (A142)

The Soft Half Cup Bra is like the Soft High Apex Bra, but with a lower cut neckline, tulle finishing on the top of the cup and a vertical seam through the centre of the cup for shape. This non-moulded bra is great for firmer busts in the E-FF cup range, for an uplifted balconnette shape with wider set straps that are also detachable so can be worn crossed over for style and comfort.

Styles to try: Sola Soft Half Cup Pastel (pictured), Nova Soft Half Cup Bra Coral, Stella Soft Half Cup Bra Rosy

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But wait there's more! Samanta also make these beautiful kimono gowns that look AMAZING with pretty much anything... Or without anything if that's more your style! The Perla Kimono in Ivory is perfect for brides and bridesmaids, but also available in a luxurious black satin.

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